• DavidON

    I was taken aback to see that Torrents were supposedly restricted in my country. So I tried to check the sources (http://www.infographic.com/sources) – “Not found”.

  • Ashraf

    [@Don] I’m guessing the infographic isn’t 100% accurate but you should read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_censorship_in_South_Africa

  • Don

    I doubt the accuracy of this, South Africa under Country’s with no access to pornography. Really? So what are all those shops on the main street? As for the Internet, nope wrong again, you can find any perversion that takes your fancy. U.K. as low level restrictions, Restrictions are getting more and more as time passes.

  • Ashraf

    [@Ginzon] You are from India so you may know but my understanding is India is very heavy on censorship. For example, blocking social media doesn’t mean you can’t access Facebook; it means you can access certain things on Facebook.

  • Ginzon

    BTW, I am in India with no torrent or social media restrictions.. I don’t know what exactly you mean by political media…