Hello officer, need a doughnut? [Image]

cops and doughnuts

Probably the most creative way yet to mess with the police. 10 out of 10 stars for these guys, although we wonder what they are protesting.

[via OneDrive]

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  • CJ Cotter

    It was an “Occupy Wall Street” protest in March 2012. Check it out:


  • Debbie

    I want to know who the chick in the black is…talk about a short and hot outfit she has on….

  • melen001

    Sorry…. who has the coffee sounds better…..

  • melen001

    Okay so how has the coffee???

  • sl0j0n

    Is that what they call “police abuse”?
    Just say’in.

    Have a GREAT day, Neighbors!

  • RawData

    The joke falls flat, because those officers are fit. Instead, the picture make those protesters look like sad and anemic bunch. Overall, nice idea ruined by poor choice of targets.

  • Grantwhy

    I like how the police pushbikes arranged as a barricade :-)

  • etim

    HeeHeeHee…is that a puddle of drool?