How to print the contents of a folder in Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 [Guide]

Ever had a situation where you wished you could print out a list of all the contents of a folder or directory in Windows but couldn’t quite find any tool which could do that. Sure, hitting Print Screen and then pasting the contents of the clipboard onto Paint is an option. But not a very helpful one, if you wanted to edit the list later. Here’s a cool tip which will help you create a text file which lists out all files and/or sub folders within a said folder, and can be easily printed out later, should you need to do that.

How To Print The Contents Of A Folder In Windows 7, 8, and 8.1

  • Using Windows Explorer , Open the Folder whose contents you want to print as a list
  • Hold down the Shift key and Right-click on any blank space in the folder, and select Open Command Window Here from the Right-Click Menu
    Open Command Window Here
  • In the command prompt that pops up, type in the following commanddir > List.txt
    List command
  • This will automatically create a text file named List.txt inside the target folder
    List File in Folder
  • Open the List.txt file to view a complete list of files and folders, that you can easily print out if you need to
    Printable List

That was simple, wasn’t it? So if you ever need to print out a list of all the files and sub-folders within a folder in Windows, it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to do that if you use this tip.

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  • Way2Cool

    Amazing how basic PC language that was used everywhere (and still is behind those GUI’s) is just a short time later a mystery to new generations. One step farther, imagine who among you could actually survive with a total denial of service. Anyone know how to wind a clock, use a sundial, a compass ? LOL ..

  • smischke

    This is also my experience

  • Tom

    thanks! Drag into Chrome works great!!

  • Lindsay

    This doesn’t work for me when I’m dealing with a lengthy list. What I have discovered by accident is that if I click on the folder and drag it into the Chrome address bar, the directly unfolds beautifully. It just doesn’t put everything in numeric order, but it looks good.

  • Frank

    This is amazing. Is there a way to copy sub-folders in this same directory? or do i need to do them individually? Wow!

  • Garrett Streich

    This pure and simply does not work. List.txt is not recognized as a command,

  • David Roper

    [@John Smith] But it’s nothing but Trialware that limits you to 4 filenames. Free Download doesn’t mean Freeware. Anyone can do the same with “DIR > Filename.txt”. Sorry, Charlie, Starkist wants Tuna that tastes good, not Tuna with Good taste.

  • John Smith

    I am using print directory from ashisoft which is very easy to use product… you can download the free version from the link below…

  • David Roper

    Looks like it’s $40

  • Diandra

    What is that solution, you may ask. Well, it’s printing folder contents with the help of the unique tool Print Maestro.
    Print Maestro is that ideal program that can solve this problem, whether in an office, or at home. With just a few clicks, this wonderful program can actually show you what you have on your PC – your folders, your sub-folders, everything.

  • Sandy

    Thanks for this article, was very helpful.
    I have also found that you can list the contents of the folder AND subfolders by using the command
    (Folder)> tree /f >List.txt

  • Folder printing

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  • David Roper

    [@Allan Man] [@Allan Man] I remember “Karen” used to have a Freebie to print directories. She has passed on, sadly, but I am sure her software remains in the either somewhere. I bought her CD for about $10 once that had about 100 of her utilities, all freeware, on it.

    You can always write a (txt) batch file to go to the dir in question and redirect a DIR to a new txt file – lemme try here:
    DIR > MyList.txt (if you execute it inside the folder) or DIR c:\folder\folder2\*.* > MyList.txt

    I KNOW for sure it will work in Windows 7 home 32bit.

  • Allan Man

    I use Directory Report
    www dot file-utilities dot com
    It can print more attributes than the DOS command and
    It can save to a csv file that can be read by Excel

  • Spacebones

    Anyone else tried FilerFrog available off the Cnet website? The listed developers web address link doesn’t seem to work so I cannot post it here.
    Useful little context menu app. Can give Simple or Detailed (indented) lists of directories and sub-directories which are saved in the directory you call for a list from.

  • David Roper

    [@Louis] I just stopped rapid development of my FLATCUP Utility. Why? DRIVEZ is fabulous. Thanks for telling us all here. Everybody needs DRIVEZ even if they do not think they do. So nice.

  • David Roper

    This is funny timing. I have been writing a compiled batch utility to do that very thing, fancied up with words to use for selecting filenames of a certain “ilk” like maybe “TIPS”, or “BBQ”, etc. It’s slick in my eyes of course. If only I could get a copy to those dottechers who wanted it somehow. I have no website. One day hopefully.

    The two already posted here are excellent ways, as well.

    I miss Karen. She always had the best utilities. With her passing, now it’s NIR.

  • Steve

    I print directories using Karen Kentworthy’s “Karen’s Directory Printer”, one of her free powertools.

  • Louis

    May I suggest an easier alternative — this one (freeware) has existed since the old days, and still works in Win 7 (no idea about Win 8, but I’m sure it will as well) :

    Drive Z , find it at

    Simple as can be : browse to folder inside DriveZ & click “Make list and put on clipboard” button & paste it where-ever you want to.

    You can put in basic filters for file types as well