How to turn Google Chrome tabs into slideshows [Tip]

Google Chrome has a variety of extensions with which you can customize the browser. Those searching for some extra slideshow options for the browser should check out Tab Slideshow. That’s a browser with which you can create a slideshow based on Chrome’s open page tabs.

You can find the browser extension at this page. Click on the + Free option to add it to the Chrome browser. When you have added the the browser extension to Chrome, there should be a blue folder icon near the top right of the window as in the shot below.

Tab Slideshow1

Now open a variety of Google Chrome page tabs to include within the slideshow. With a variety of page tabs open, click on the Tab Slideshow blue folder icon to open the popup window below. It is there that you set up the slideshow by typing a number in the text box. The number sets the amount of time to spend on each tab.

Tab slideshow2

Click Begin to start the slideshow. Then the browser flicks through the tabs after the specified time period is up in much the same way as a slideshow. You can stop the slideshow by pressing the Stop button within the popup window. Alternatively, opening a new, or closing an existing, tab window also stops the slideshow.

The extension doesn’t include any further customization options. As such, there are no transition effects to add between each page tab. Nevertheless, Tab Slideshow is perfect for presenting pages spread across multiple tabs.

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