Google says they won’t show banner ads in search results


Google was testing massive ad banners in search results but that test has now ended. It was something would have likely caused users to erupt in a frenzy, so we’re happy about Google’s decision on removing this massive behemoth from our search results.

Google’s head of search, Amit Singhal, confirmed the end of the experiment at SMX West. We’re guessing it didn’t work out as planned, not to mention the banner ads completely gives off an amateur feeling when the search results pop up before our eyes. Google must have experienced less than desired clickthrough rates, and to mention that whenever the banners make an appearance, other AdWords ads fail to show.

We understand that Google brought this now dead initiative to life in October of 2013 with around 30 brands on board. The ads would only show to users from the U.S. and appeared at the top of the search results, which was never a smart move to begin with.

Bear in mind that Google is a company that usually show ads in search results that are performance oriented, so this is the first time the company has ever broadcast advertisements with explicit branding. It is also the first time the search giant has ever introduced banner ads in search results, and it appears it is also the last.

Like I care anyway, thank god for ad blockers. Oh snap, Ashraf will probably whip me for saying that.

[via Search Engine Land]

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