How to enable smooth scrolling in Google Chrome [Guide]

Google Chrome is a wonderful browser, but if there’s one thing it’s lacking is the way it scrolls. However, it’s not as if this feature isn’t being toyed with behind the scenes. As such, in the hidden chrome://flags area of Chrome, you can enable the experimental ‘Smooth scrolling’ feature.

Before We Begin

Disabling the smooth scrolling flag is as easy as following this guide again and then clicking disable.

How To Enable The Hidden Smooth Scrolling Feature In Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, open a new tab, navigate to chrome://flags, and search for ‘Smooth Scrolling’. It’s a good idea to use ctrl + f to search for it.

Screenshot from 2014-03-17 16:25:32

After enabling, the feature will activate right away. Done!


Though Google Chrome is a very powerful and full featured browser, it comes up short compared to Mozilla’s Firefox in the smooth scrolling department. Usually, when scrolling with Chrome, it feels really rigid and not very buttery. It’s a good thing that Google has a knack for hiding experimental features inside Chrome. Enjoy!

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  • dwindle

    Yeah, it was great for a couple of weeks until Chrome pulled it, for no reason. Expect nothing more than a generic “sorry our product sucks” response from Google, much like the ones that we got From Firefox, iEplorer, and Netscape before them.

  • David

    We’ve got Windows 7, and this feature shows up in Chrome flags for Linux only. Not for Windows at all. The Chrome Extension mentioned by eMcE below is a nice one, though.

  • eMcE

    You can use also this extension:
    Has more cool options to control scroll behavior.