How to run ChromeOS in Windows 8 and 8.1 [Guide]

Google’s ChromeOS is getting increasingly popular. Last year, 21% of all laptops sold ran Google’s OS. Recently Google has added the ability to run it right inside Windows 8. Some speculate that the Internet titan has done this to allow people to test drive it’s OS, and they’d be right. Here’s your chance to try out ChromeOS too!

Before We Begin

ChromeOS is best experienced with a Google account connected to Chrome

To disable ChromeOS mode, follow this guide again and enable instead of disable.

ChromeOS mode works with all versions of Windows 8 and 8.1.

Make sure your version of Google Chrome is up to date. Do this by clicking on the Google Chrome menu, then clicking on ‘About Google Chrome’. This will automatically bring your version of Google Chrome up to date.

How To Run ChromeOS Inside Windows 8/8.1

Once you’ve determined that Google Chrome is up to date, go back to the Chrome menu, and look for the option to ‘relaunch Google Chrome in Windows 8 mode’. Once that has been done, you’ll see Google Chrome launch Windows 8 mode, which is actually ChromeOS. From there you can customize your ChromeOS experience.



ChromeOS is a cool concept for an operating system, but since it’s only exclusive to Chromebooks, not everyone has gotten a chance to check it out. Google has done something truly awesome with Chrome. Enjoy!

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  • [@GEOD998] Sadly ChromeOS can only be ran in Windows 8 :(

  • GEOD998

    good idea/article Derrik-can this be done in Win xp to make it safe?. I wish google would release a cheap(free would be better yet) chrome or android OS for all of the machines running the now defunct Win XP.I know most of these older PCs will run Linux just fine,so it would work resource-wise Seems like it would also be a great biz move to get android/chrome into the hands of the last 3 people who don’t have it. -any ideas on this subject? thanx