Microsoft is bribing customers to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 8.1


Microsoft wants you to abandon Windows XP for Windows 8.1, the software giant is willing to bribe users to make the big switch. However, if you’re looking to gain a fortune from this deal then you should probably look elsewhere. Microsoft is not that generous of a company.

To convince laggers to switch over from Windows XP to Windows 8.1, Microsoft is giving users a cool $50 gift card when purchasing one of of 16 new notebooks, desktops, tablets or 2-in-1 hybrids — all running Windows 8.1. The card is only valid for future purchases at Microsoft’s online retail store, so don’t expect to walk inside the company’s brick and mortar store hoping to leave with your prize.

Microsoft kicked off this plan back in March 4 of this year and it will end come April 20, so those who are willing to jump ship should make the decision sooner rather than later.

Windows XP is 13 years old and is still viewed as Microsoft’s most stable operating system after the Service Pack 3 update. Up until 2010, Windows XP was being sold on new computers, proving this operating system has some long legs going on for it. Still, it is time for users to upgrade, if not to Windows 8.1, then Windows 7 because Windows XP has officially stopped being supported by Microsoft — meaning you will no longer receive much-needed official security patches. Plus, upgrading won’t bite too badly — Windows 7 is a great operating system as well although this offer is only for people taking the dive into Windows 8.1.

Good luck chums, may the dreaded Tiles be with you.

UPDATE: It looks like Microsoft modified the bribe since we posted this. It is now $100 off the purchase price for select Windows 8 computers and tablets above $599 if bought from the Microsoft Store, online.

[via Microsoft]

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  • stilofilos

    O dear ! Wouldn’t they better try to convince customers with increasing quality of their ware, instead of abusing simple souls who believe they need that kind of security ?
    I switched off windows built-in security years ago and replaced it with a decent firewall and ditto anti-malware tools, (like so many dottechies I guess ?) , and infections stopped miraculously.
    Let XP live for ever (it does have some qualities, doesn’t it). It’s unbelievable that after all comments somewhat everywhere, they just dump their flagship and try to keep customers with lesser quality. Kinda pathetic, this act.

    By the way : thanks, Dottech, for the very interesting series on Linux, brilliantly just-in-time ! I am convinced.

  • Ashraf

    [@Bruce Fraser] Thanks, updated.

  • Bruce Fraser

    Wow, technology moves fast: this article, published today, is already outdated.
    The bribe is now $100, and it’s a cash discount. It’s not a gift card you have to spend on useless MS accessories.
    For details:

    At least, that’s what their promo says. I tested a few models, and didn’t find any discounts.

  • etim

    Hey M-soft! Want me to go to win 8? Then buy me a new PC that will handle the requirements! Otherwise I’m going with Linux when my XP finally poops out.

  • Steve

    I just bit the bulled and purchased a Win 7 Pro 64-bit machine. It seems like MS turned a simple to use/modify XP into a pig complete with lipstick. Plus, 7 is unstable: Windows open up without warning and the cursor jumps around when typing.