Twitter lets you find your first tweet, to celebrate its 8th birthday

3090739418_ff69d9e3beIt’s Twitter’s 8th birthday and to celebrate the service is letting you easily find your first tweet. Whether this is a good or a bad and embarrassing thing remains to be seen.

“Each of you had to start somewhere,” said the company via blog post. “Today we’re taking a look at some choice first Tweets — first Tweets that sparked a conversation, used imagery to tell a story, or revealed unfiltered self expression.”

“You can celebrate your #FirstTweet, too,” Twitter adds in the blog post. “Using this Tweet tool, you can look back to find your very first Tweet — or for that matter, anyone else’s. Just type in your @username, or that of anyone — your best pal, favorite comedian, a star or a president.”

It is kind of crazy to think that Twitter has been around for 8 years, let’s hope that most of those first tweets are worth re-reading.

[via Market Watch, Twitter Blog, image via PlayerX’ flickr]

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