Disk Space Fan: Analyze your hard drive and enjoy eye candy at the same time

There are many, many programs out there that serve the purpose of analyzing your hard drive usage (such as O&O DiskStat which was recently just posted about on dotTech). So, for a analyze-hard-drive program to stand out, it needs to be able to do something *special*. Disk Space Fan is one such software that “stands out above the crowd” not necessarily by providing unique, advanced features, but rather by presenting itself with a fair dab of eye candy which seems to be lacking in many programs nowadays.

This is what the main program window of Disk Space Fan looks like:

Right off the bat, without even having to do anything more than running the program, you are presented with an eye pleasing interface with bright colors and well designed graphics. To get started you must select the partition you want to scan – or a specific folder – and click the “Scan for Details” button. Scanning is not particularly fast – took about one minute to scan my whole C:/ partition – but is not really slow either.

After the scan has finished, the results of the scan are shown to you:

Sticking true to the theme, the results also prove to be an anti-eyesore with a nice list of largest folders or files (folders are the ones that are in color; files are the ones that are in gray) and a fantastic graphical representation of used hard drive space. Both the list and graphic are interactive in the sense that you can click on items in the last/graph and explore in further detail the contents of the folder in question (you may also click on files, but you won’t get any “extra” information since a file… is just a file). The point worth noting, though, is the terrifically smooth transitions that are used to move from folder-to-folder – you have to try it out yourself to know what I mean.

Now, eye candy aside, the main purpose of Disk Space Fan is to help you manage your hard drive. So, in that regard, Disk Space Fan allows you to interact with Windows Explorer doing actions such as delete files/folders, explore them, view properties, etc.:

(“Goto root” brings you back to the root directory, such as C:/)

Furthermore, to help with user friendliness, when delving deeper into folders and subfolders, you can use the two arrows located at the top left of the program window to go “back” and “forward”, similar to how “back” and “forward” work in web browsers. There is also the “home” key that brings you back to the main program window and allows you to scan a different partition/folder altogether.

However, no program is “perfect”, right? There are two caveats to Disk Space Fan:

  • When hovering your mouse over the graph, the tooltips that appear have a very small – but noticeable – lag time before they appear; this caveat is small but worth noting. (Do note that while there is a small lag associated with tooltips appearing, the graph transitions are totally lag free.)
  • The program window for Disk Space Fan is not resizeable aside from maximize or not-maximize, and maximizing the program window is a bit buggy – it does funky things which I don’t have words to describe.

Last but not least, Disk Space Fan is a freeware program that has a commercial Pro version if users want to shell out $19.95 to purchase it. Disk Space Fan – the freeware one – really only does everything that I have mentioned above; there aren’t very many “bells and whistles” in terms of features. Disk Space Fan Pro, however, does provide a little bit more bang-for-the-buck:

  • Scans directories and drives to find duplicate files
  • Criteria for comparison of files can be easily set up (file name, size, creation date and content)
  • You can exclude files based on file type, size and location
  • Provides a list of identical files so you can select which ones you want to delete
  • Delete, move, and replace the duplicate files by using symbolic links
  • Using filters, quickly to find out the specified type files
  • Using a filter, you can see the duplicate files by file types
  • Diagram of a flower show in the form of free disk space
  • Save scan history
  • Start from Explorer directly
  • Support for Unicode
  • Network path support

You can grab Disk Space Fan from the following links:

Version Reviewed: v1.4.4.0 Free

Supported OS: Windows XP SP2+/Vista/Win7

Special Requirements: Need .NET framework 2.0 or higher

Download Size: 1 MB for Free version and 3.2 MB for Pro version

Disk Space Fan homepage

[Direct download Free version]

[Direct download Pro version]

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  • Giovanni

    Pretty good software!!

    Nice finding Ashraf!!

    These 2 FREE tools are also great to analyze your HD: ever used it before??



    And to test the health of your HD:



  • jumbi

    Let me suggest instead Spacesniffer.
    Its free and portable as well!

  • Adrian

    @Joji: Yes. There was a giveaweay previously, but I did not install it.

    Anyway, this one is a no-no for me since the free version does not support Unicode :( (and it seemed so nice…)

  • Cod Head

    I use the freeware version of disk space fan and it helped me get rid of a lot of junk.I had Orange ISP pre installed on my computer that I thought I had deleted but this found a lot of its stuff.I also had a game that I got rid of called purple place,I even deleted the folders for these programs but disk space fan found lots of their junk and other stuff I never knew I had.Just be careful not to delete any system components.If in doubt,don’t delete it.

  • moe-chan

    I saw the Pro version was being givenaway a few days ago in CHIP.de promotion. Surely, with the same registration data for everyone.

  • Ashraf

    @Damian: You are right; I would say the evidence is fairly damning. Thanks for pointing this out.

  • Sputnik

    My favorite of this kind is TreeSize Free.

  • Jon

    One thing this site does, for me, is it makes me dust off the cob webs in my information exchange system (my dead brain) and remember a few things.

    I still like and use Sequoia View. The scan times are about the same as listed by Ashraf, maybe a little quicker, but much different interface, but very effective.

    However, the eye candy interface on Disk Space Fan looks nice enough to give it a spin and check it out.


  • Refpeuk

    And I agree, this looks exactly like daisy disk. I guess it isn’t a ripoff if they’re making it for pc, though.

  • Refpeuk

    I also got this on Giveawayoftheday, but I doubt I would pay for any software that came from such an informal website. Seriously, “blow away useless files with fun!”?
    What kind of kiddy talk is THAT?

  • james

    looks a good program, but i dont like .NET framework which is a large download just to run a 1MB program, as it changes my windows log in/off.

  • Damian

    This is a blatant ripoff of DaisyDisk for Mac (http://www.daisydiskapp.com), though lacking the original beauty and feel.

  • Ron

    Nice…reminds me of a freeware called Scanner that I ran into years ago. It can be run without installing, but the zip includes a reg key to add it to the context menu. 165K download: http://www.steffengerlach.de/freeware/

  • @Joji: Are you referring to this: http://cogizio.org/the-internet/google/237 ?
    If so I think you can just delete your cookie, or mine went away after a while.

  • Joji

    OMG… google changed their new look and browsing thing… check it out!

    For me, it sucks… :( I prefer the old way where everything is centered…


  • tejas

    This is really cool. I love eye candy! You mentioned that maximize “does funky things which I don’t have words to describe”. Maximize doesn’t do anything funky on my machine, it just makes the window bigger, but it’s no where near maximized. Not a problem though….
    Thanks Ashraf!

  • @Ashraf: Unrelated: LOLZ edition
    My computer’s adblocking software (disabled on dotTech, XD) blocks the free SCAN FOR ERRORS on the GAOTD homepage.

  • Ashraf

    @Joji: Was it? I don’t remember this being on GOTD o_O.

  • Joji

    Oh… they had a giveaway on this on GAOTD before!

    It was pretty good… but I had to re-image my laptop, so the product key no longer worked. I emailed the support team about it and they provided me with another key! :D

    For those who want to try what I did, don’t do it; don’t lie to Disk Space Fan that this and that happened when it didn’t. I only got the key again 2-3 weeks after the giveaway happened… which was reasonable enough to them I guess.

    The good thing is that the key will still be hidden on your system after uninstallation unless you re-image your computer.