10 useful links every Google user should know [Tip]

logo-googleGoogle has a ton of great services. I’m sure most dotTechies have used Google or its services at least once at some point in their life. This article shares with you 10 useful Google links that everyone should know. Read on to learn more.

Google Cheat Sheet

All of Google’s services require a Google account. The most popular way of creating a Google account is by also creating a Gmail account. If for some reason you’re not interested in using Gmail to use a Google service, Google allows you to create a Google account without creating a Gmail account. Check out the link below.

Google’s search engine works based on a concept called ‘bubbling’. Bubbling basically means that it surrounds you with your interests to better serve targeted advertisements. The particular link below allows you to examine the profile that Google has created of you and opt out of targeted ads, if you wish.

Want to download all of the data associated with your Google profile? Now you can! Google Takeout allows you to download every bit of data from every Google service you use. Hit up the link below.

Sometimes content that you do not agree with gets posted on Google. Luckily, Google has a legal support page that you can read to know exactly how to get the content in question removed. The link below beckons.

Google Maps has a neat feature that tracks your location history via the Maps app. Want to examine your complete location history in relation to Google Maps? You can! Google’s location history feature for Maps is excellent and is found via the link below.

Curious about your Google search history? Want to disable the history function? It’s possible at history.google.com. Google keeps a comprehensive list of your search terms, along with several search history options. Click the link below to learn more.

Have multiple Google accounts but don’t use all of them all of the time? Not to worry, with the link below, you can easily set an inactive reminder that reminds you that you haven’t used a specific Google account for a long time. With this feature you can avoid losing your Google account if it’s inactive for 9 or so months. Hit up the link below to setup reminders.

Suspicious that someone has been using your Google account? Want to check your account’s activity? Google’s activity feature has you covered — see link below.

Like other websites, Google let’s applications and other websites gain access to your profile via Oauth. This way of connecting is a whole lot easier than just giving out your Google password to every website, but sometimes applications still take advantage of the access. To check on or even revoke permissions from apps connected to your Google account, visit the permissions page found via the link below.

This last link is very important if you are a Google Apps user. (Not apps downloaded from Google Play Store. A Google Apps user is someone who uses Google services with their own custom domain. If you use @gmail.com, then you most likely aren’t a Google Apps user.) If you’re account ever happens to get hacked, visit the link below. It’ll allow you to reset your password and gain access once again. Resetting your password will require that you verify your domain name. This is done by creating a CNAME record in your DNS.


Are there other Google links you should dotTechies should know? Share with us in the comments below!

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