Baby gender reveal gone wrong [Video]

Things didn’t go as planned and this little boy is losing his shit – oops, I forgot some of our readers don’t like it when I say “shit.” Ahh crap, I did it again; when will it end? Anyway, the father wasn’t all happy about it either, just listen to his response.

The only boy and 3 sisters? I’d be pissed off too. Luckily, I only have 6 brothers and 2 sisters, and a possible third somewhere out there but no one is really sure due to family secrets.

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  • Vamien McKalin

    [@EM] Yes, I read your comment and understood you completely. My reply and overall plan was to pull off the April’s Fool thing, but since your comment was trapped in limbo waiting for approval, well, let’s just say the fun has now found itself in limbo.

  • Ashraf

    Fixed the link. Sorry about that everyone!

  • Vamien McKalin

    BTW, I’m trying to get the video fixed, but Ashraf is probably on vacation in the cold mountains of Alaska, because he’s nowhere to be found.

  • EM

    Good grief, I actually *said* that I couldn’t care less whether you used four-letter words, and I didn’t say they were “bad words”, or mention any particular definition of “shit”. I was objecting to your casual sexism, as well as the obvious baiting in your post. Saying “I know that some people object to this, and I’ll say it just the same, and oops, I said it again!” will of course cause the people who feel offended to comment. Just saying “shit” without making a bit deal of it probably wouldn’t have caused anyone to react.

  • Vamien McKalin

    [@EM] You know what’s immature? Viewing “shit” as a bad word. Let me make something clear to you. I don’t view this as a bad word, because in reality, it’s just another word. it means the exact same thing as crap, poop, oops, etc.

    However, your speech or language will not degrade because of using it and there is no religious implications in using a word that is considered “off-limits” no matter what some people would like to make you think.

    It’s just a word with syllables with no meaning beyond what is given to it by those who speak it or hear it. And that meaning will change from person to person.

    Your definition of “shit” is clearly different from mine since you and others see a problem, whereas I do not. Small minds complain about small things, so shall we move on? Cause I’m done.

  • EM

    Really, you’re using “ladies” as an insult, even though there is no indication that people who disagree with you are in fact female? (and it wouldn’t matter if they were)

    I for one couldn’t care less if you use four-letter-words, but your reaction to critical comments, which I’ve observed in other posts too, is quite immature and doesn’t do the site that allows you to post any favours – and neither does the rather obvious baiting for offended reactions in the post.

  • Vamien McKalin

    Why are people taking offense to the word “shit” is beyond me. You’re the ones who need to grow up and cease from the constant complaining about a word. I mean, shit is what we do everyday, so do you feel bad when you take a shit? Do you complain when you feel the need to take a shit? Simmer down ladies.

  • etim

    [@sl0j0n] LOL! Off on another of your immaturity rants, eh, slojon? Well, I consider your repeated complaining about others’ lack of maturity “offensive”. And a “waste of time”. And tedious.

    And BTW–many of us “children” are your age and older; we’ve just been able to resist falling into that “grouchy ol’ bastard” mindset of yours that we swore to avoid when we were younger.
    I realize that it’s probably too late for you to develop a sense of humor, but my earlier comment re: V “doing the best that he can” was a joke/tease directed to Vamien.
    If you are so offended by V’s language then stop reading so many of his posts. And find something fresh to rant about.

  • sl0j0n

    Hello, “etim”.
    Doing the “best that he can”?
    You children are all the same; one of you steps in the manure, & the rest point & squeal, make childish inane comments, and generally act like the clueless infants that you are.
    You just don’t get it, do you?
    Its called acting like an adult, & its *really* easy; even CHILDREN can do, *if* they only TRY.
    *Real* grownups know that time is like bandwidth, & ‘noise’ only degrades the signal, while wasting the bandwidth.
    Aside from the fact that its not ‘nice’, its immature, AND its offensive, its simply a waste of TIME.
    Yours to write/say it, ours to have to hear/read it.
    So, just GROW UP!

    Have a GREAT day, Neighbor!

  • etim

    Oh, come on, people! If you can’t tolerate the occasional shitfuckpiss on the net, then go back to staring at G/PG rated broadcast television with its insipid reality programming and moronic scripted shows.
    As for V, give the poor guy a break; he’s probably doing the best he can–and not nearly as much of a dork as he used to be. (At least he’s learned to use a spellchecker!)

  • Bob G

    Agreed this writer must be replaced soon. Ashraf he is bringing your great site down to gutter level.

  • Bruce Fraser

    The embedding link isn’t entered correctly, and doesn’t display. But readers can just copy that URL — minus the “[/embed” part — and watch it directly on YouTube.

  • Tom

    Gutter post of the day. #flush