iPadPeek: Surf the Internet on the iPad… without having to own an iPad

Have you bought an iPad yet? Neither have I. (We may be lucky we have not jumped onto the bandwagon – yet – considering the complaints about iPad’s WiFi and how problematic it is.) Would you like to know how it feels to surf the Internet on an iPad – without actually owning an iPad? Me too. Enter, stage right, iPadPeek:

iPadPeek is an online iPad simulator – it allows you to surf the Internet as if you were surfing the Internet on an iPad. All you have to do is type in a URL in the address bar, and get going. If you prefer vertical view over horizontal, clicking on the iPad border will change its rotation from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. iPad’s virtual keyboard is even simulated for a “real-life” affect. So, how close to “real-life” is the simulator? Well, only a “real-life” iPad owner can shed some light on that. My guesstimate: not even close.

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