Chinese farmer plants NASA space shuttle replica on top of his house


Some guys have all the time in the world, to the point where they can build a space shuttle on the top of their house. Hey, this is not a joke, someone really went out of their way to do this, and it looks pretty amazing.

The person who did this is a 60 year old Chinese farmer in Guangdong province. The replica, while not completely resembling the real thing, looks great, and should increase his property value, should he consider selling. Though we cannot see a single reason he would want to sell this beauty to anyone, unless the profit could help get him to space for real.

We doubt his neighbors are happy with his creation, for, in their minds, this guy is such an A-hole for doing this. How dare perform such a stunt to make his property look more badass than theirs. Furthermore, the Chinese space agency must be fuming right now, because chances are this NASA space shuttle replica is more reliable than theirs. Come on man, it had to be said!

Now, I just want to point out that this space shuttle replica does not work, I repeat, it does not work; well, as far as we know.

[via Xinhuanet]

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