WiFi enabled BB Suit is the future of smart clothing technology

bb suit wifi smart clothing

Sure, you can turn your smartphone into a hotspot or you could just bring your pocket WiFi with you. If not, there’s 3G or 4G/LTE that’s becoming more reliable than ever. But for those who really want to share their connection and be the “hotspot”, there’s Borre Akkersdijk’s creation called the BB. Suit.

This onesie designed by fashion designer Borre benefits from a 3D technique that can accommodate NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi. Well, fashion-wise, I wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing a onesie, but this one works. The suit is not yet final but it was recently shown off by the designer at the South by Southwest event.

The BB. Suit can be tracked on Google Maps. Get near to it and you can upload songs on the cloud. At present, the suit has two prototypes ready. Could this be the start of smart clothing? I’m pretty sure but it will take a lot of time. Smartwatches and smart glasses would have to prove to the industry first if they’re really worth our money and then smart clothes could enter our lives. And oh, the makers better make sure first they can survive water and soap.

WiFi-enable clothes in the future? Check. I wonder what’s next. Smart shoes?

[via Engadget]

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