AgencyGlass cyborg glasses take over human eyes, show emotions

agencyglass wearable eyes

I can’t decide whether I like this project or not but I’m pretty sure its developer has good intentions in making the cyborg video glasses. Forget about smart glasses for now. Cyber-eyes could be more helpful to those people who are called to be ‘friendly’ at all times.

For people who are always working at home, the pair may not be useful but it will definitely be beneficial for work that require emotional labor. You know, those employees who need to smile, be courteous, and friendly always just like the teachers, school administrators, or waiters and waitresses. They’re not the only ones asked to show positive facial expressions even if they’re already tired. There’s the security guards, hotel desk receptionists, store attendants, doctors, nurses, and caregivers too.

Japanese scientist Hirotaka Osawa thinks that a pair of geeky glasses is all it takes to change the mood of the game. I understand the need but seriously, it’s like taking the emotions out of a human and letting a computer take place. But I guess with all the pressures at work, people need all the help they can.

Life can be complicated at times. If I’m too tired to smile and I know it won’t show in my eyes, I’d rather wear these cyborg glasses and show people that ‘Hey, I’m alright’ instead of being absent or showing that I’m grumpy.

Officially called as the AgencyGlass, this pair of glasses feature two OLED screens as your ‘eyeglasses’. It also features a camera and some sensors. It connects with a computer or smartphone. Because of the camera and sensors, the cyber eyes can follow a person as it’s your real eyes. With this, maybe you can sleep at work and still be “alert” and attentive to your co-workers.

Cyber glasses showing my not-so-true emotions? Why not. I’d rather have this pair than show I’m already pissed at my life.

You may watch video below:

[via The Verge]

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