HTC executive is positive about sales this 2014

Reportedly, HTC lost about $62 million last quarter and more the quarter prior to that. It’s heartbreaking news for those who believe that the Taiwanese company is a major player in the mobile industry. The report made HTC look as if it’s in trouble but HTC CMO Benjamin Ho is optimistic about the situation. Ho is not as concerned because he’s looking at the longer term, as he explained in a recent interview.

Q1 may have given HTC a loss but this quarter, sales are expected to improve now that the HTC One M8 has officially launched and is on its way to the mobile carriers. Just like last year, the HTC One M8 is expected to sold fast as the HTC One. The latter went flying off the shelves despite the numerous company problems.

Of course, any executive wouldn’t easily admit that the company he’s heading is in trouble. It’s best to still be positive about the situation. There’s a new smartphone to rival the top flagship phones in the market today and more tablets and phones have yet to be unveiled. And then there’s Ironman himself, Robert Downey, Jr. promoting the brand. HTC could be on its way to maintaining its place, or even surpass its ranking in the industry. What do you think?

[via CNET]

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