Apple’s official video of their ‘Spaceship Campus’ leaked, watch it here


To coincide with Apple’s new video on caring for the environment, the company created a dedicated page to their environmental initiatives. Within the page, a video featuring the company’s planned ‘Apple Campus 2’ can be found. The video can also be seen on YouTube below, although Apple has already pulled other copies of the video.

Members of the city council in Cupertino were shown this video late last year, and this marks the first time it’s available in public. The first 30 seconds or so feature the company’s products, but the rest of the video highlights the different ways the campus will be environment friendly such as the use of renewable energy and the fact that the campus area will be 80 percent landscape. It also features interview segments with Norman Foster, the famed architect who Steve Jobs called and asked for help on building the campus some years ago.

[via Apple]

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