How to pin Windows Update to Windows 7 and 8 taskbar [Guide]

The Windows Update shortcut is on the Windows 7 Start menu. You can click on that shortcut to check for Windows 7 updates. However, the shortcut cannot be pinned to the taskbar unless you edit its target properties.

First, you should click the Windows 7 Start menu> All Programs and right-click Windows Update. Hold the right mouse button as you drag it onto the desktop. When you release the mouse button, click Create Shortcuts here.

windows update4

Then right-click the Windows Update desktop shortcut, and click Properties to open the window in the shot below. There enter cmd /c wuapp.exe in the Target box, and select Minimized from the Run drop-down list.

windows update

Click Apply and OK to close the Properties window. Then drag the Windows Update shortcut from the desktop onto the taskbar. Now you can pin it to the taskbar as in the shot below.

windows update2

In addition, the Windows Update shortcut can now also be pinned to the Start menu. Drag it over the Start button to pin it to the top of the menu as below.

windows update3

Pinning the shortcut to the taskbar or Start menu gives you better access to Windows Update. In addition, you can also pin other system shortcuts on the Windows 7 Start menu, such as Default Programs, to the taskbar by editing their target with cmd /c wuapp.exe.

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  • Mike S.

    Found things a bit different with Windows 8.1, as the target box is grayed out.

    Instead, I was able to right click the shortcut on the Desktop and then send it to the Start screen; once there, hold the tile down for the bottom menu to come up and choose Pin to taskbar. At that point, if you like, you then can delete the tile from the Start screen (which also will remove the shortcut from the Start screen’s all programs menu as well–I haven’t figured out how to keep the shortcut there but just remove the tile); you also, then, can delete the shortcut from the Desktop.


  • patara

    In Win 7 and now Win 8 I use the old Quick Launch area on the Taskbar to pin things like Windows Update. I gave it a Down Arrow for an icon and having it there makes it very easy to access whenever I want to.