Apple is #1 in US customer satisfaction survey

apple jd power satisfaction study

We know this already but sometimes people need proof that it really is the case. A recent customer satisfaction study by JD Powers showed that Apple is No. 1. Samsung follows close in the US market, at least, if we are to discuss customer satisfaction.

The study also revealed data per mobile carrier with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile showing above average for Samsung. The breakdown showed HTC as average on Verizon and BlackBerry on AT&T. The study didn’t look at per device though, only per brand but it’s safe to say Apple’s win is because of the high-end iPhone 5S.

As for Samsung, the company is an obvious winner because of the numerous Galaxy Android phones being offered at the same time in the market.

Looking at per mobile carrier, AT&T is highest in customer satisfaction followed by Sprint, then T-Mobile, and its rival Verizon in fourth place.

Here are some more interesting facts:

  • those who chose a phone because of price are less likely to be satisfied
  • features people like are seamless voice control (36%), built-in sensors (35%), and facial recognition and biometric security (28%)
  • average smartphone cost people are comfortable with is $202
  • more than half (52%) bought their phones with a discount

Apple is still the winner for this year’s J.D. Powers Awards for smartphone customer satisfaction. That’s not surprising because it’s been winning the award the past eight years.

[via PhoneArena]

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