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  1. Philippe

    Thanks for the information, it’s very helpful.  May I use it for some friends and customers?
    I just received a offer to transfer a big ammount of money from
    Sir. John Dickson From: The Accountant,
    Gulf Bank International,
    4 Enfield Road, Etham.

    with privat email

    I could be rich very soon……if…..let the dream be true.

    by the way Thunderbird shows the real link when you go over with the mouse.

  2. Mags

    I agree with everything the others have said about the phishing emails, however I noticed one thing was missing, and I’m surprised no one else has mentioned it.
    When you hover (do not click on it) your cursor over a link in the phishing email, look at the bottom left side of your browser.  It will show you the site it will take you to.  9 times out of 10 it will show a link that has nothing to do with the so called company that supposedly sent you the email.
    The rare time it shows a link that is supposedly from the site they say it is from it generally isn’t, but rather something similar.  When in doubt, contact the real company to see if they indeed sent that email.

  3. meldasue

    The two biggest tip-offs to scam e-mails:  misspellings and bad English.  (In the e-mail above, ‘recipient address is inexact’ is the clue.)

    One more thing – if you see a scam, it’s not necessarily wise to be a good netizen and report it to the company being spoofed.  I did this with a fake PayPal e-mail a few years ago, and even though I made it clear that I had *not* been fooled, they told my credit card company that my account had been compromised.  My credit card company cancelled my card – of course, they reissued another, but it’s such a pain to have to change your information at all the sites with the card number.

  4. Justarookie

    I received several alerts by my Earthlink Virus Blocker, that UPS sent a virus infected email. In the 5 years of having Earthlink Email, I havn’t ever had a virus sent to me, so I wasn’t sure what to do. I was waiting for a package, so just in case, I went to the and asked about the “delivery problem”, that the email had on subject line. UPS emailed back within 12 hours and asked me to foward the email to their provided link. UPS also let me know that it was fraudulent and to forward any questionable emails to them at  I know that time is key for lots of people, but I didn’t have all the tips from Ashraf (Thank You, Kind Sir), to check the emails origin. 
    When in doubt, check it out;) 

  5. Farrukh

    And I bought a UPS and take that home in my car and then I started receiving such mails (although I knew these are spam), but I just starting thinking, “How the heck they got some information about my UPS?? ” :) LOL… (just kidding).

  6. Sandy


    Thank you – I didn’t realize it could come from the ISP.  I just recently switched from Surewest to Time Warner Cable, so maybe it will get better…?  I dropped the phone service (and went with Magic Jack) and cable (why bother when I don’t have time to watch anything and most things aren’t worth watching?!) and so TWC was the least expensive for “just” internet.  There is no way I could survive anymore (what was I thinking to live in a time where I had to write a thesis on a typewriter?  lol) without my ‘net and computer – I create, stay organized, communicate, etc… and so it was the only thing I couldn’t let go of!  lol  But, I think most people are looking for ways to be a bit more frugal these days.
    Thanks for responding so quickly.

  7. Ron

    @Sandy: Depends on your ISP, among other things. I use Earthlink and their spam filters are very good – they use Spamassassin – and Gmail addresses otherwise. I especially like the way they hold certain suspect/spam messages for you to look over. Some ISPs, like ATT and Comcast, just arbitrarily dump what they consider spam so you have no option to review anything.

  8. Ron

    I’ve found the UPS emails on the upswing, too. My favorites are the Facebook password resets – I don’t have a Facebook account (or any other social  networking)!!
    I’ve been advising a close friend about these all along; at least she’s remembered not to open unknown emails with attachments, so I’ve been successful there…

  9. Sandy

    @dbrookman:   I’ve had the same problem with paypal, yahoo, facebook, credit cards, banks, and UPS!  I have Kapersky installed and use yahoo for email, but can’t believe I still get so many…and from so many different sources!  My privacy is set to mid-high – should I do anything else?  Funny thing is, other than phishing emails, I rarely get just run of the mill spam.

  10. dbrookman

    I’ve had several PayPal scams by e-mail.
    I always go to Paypal direct using another computer which uses a different log in name. If  I still have a concern (I did in December 2009), I called Paypal direct. It was not a toll free number but the small cost was worth it.

  11. chuck

    I started getting the UPS ones about two months ago.I recognized them as phishing attempts at the very least,and dispatched them to the trash without opening them.Too bad I don’t have the skills to send a nasty little virus back to them!