How to play YouTube videos in slow or fast motion [Tip]

Today, almost every media player has a built-in video playback speed option. This way, you can easily set the video playback speed to slow or fast motion. This is quite helpful especially if you are trying to learn a dance move or a song. Now, what if you’re watching the video on YouTube? Is there any way for you to set the video speed in slow or fast motion?

Actually, there is. As a matter of fact, it is very simple to do so there’s no need for you to download any third-party app or browser extension. However, keep in mind that this option will only work if you’re running the YouTube HTML5 video player. Fortunately, most of today’s modern web browsers support HTML5 so you don’t really need to do anything — you should already be using YouTube HTML5. But if ever you run out of luck, you can always update your browser as well as your YouTube video player. To do this, just go to then follow the given instructions.

How to set your YouTube video playback speed to fast, normal or slow

Now that you’re using the HTML5 video player, just search the said video sharing community and load any video that you like. After which, click the “Settings” icon that is located right below your video and then click the section next to “Speed”. (see image below)

Change YouTube Playback Speed

In this section, you will see a drop-down list with various digits. These digits signify your video’s playback speed. By default, your video will be set to “normal” speed but if you want to slow it down, you can click 0.25 or 0.5. On the other hand, you can choose 1.5 or 2 to increase its playback speed. Needless to say, the lower the digit, the slower the playback speed. The higher the digit, the faster the playback speed.

Change YouTube Playback Speed Options

Anyways, this option is only available for the web version of YouTube. As of now, there’s no still no way for you can adjust the playback speed of the videos that you play on its official mobile apps.

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  • sjaakeri

    I use this Chrome extension to slow down YouTube, you can change the speed in smaller steps:

    Also you can change the key and pitch.

  • tina fullstop

    Thank you so much! Perfect explanation, very useful!!! x

  • Caroline Arshakyan

    Thanks so much. It was very useful info. Many thanks for it.

  • Kiirus

    I was wondering if there was a way I could download a YouTube video at my desired speed? Say, for instance, I like a song on YouTube played at 1.5x speed. Is there a way for me to download the .mp4 at 1.5x speed?

  • Gio

    Hopefully they add soon. 2X is already to slow for me… Can’t wait for 4X.

  • Kent

    [@Gio] I am still researching on that. Right now, the only option you have is to set the same video speed for repeat playback.

  • Gio

    I always watch at 2X and I want to know if it’s possible to change the default so every video on YouTube opens at 2X without requiring me to manually change.

  • Frank

    Sorry comment ended up in the wrong screen. It was meant tol be in the Hostfile description screen (page).

  • Frank

    I have no problem with passive ads that are placed in a “serial” mode like in this article: i.e. you see them and can decide whether to click on them or not. Most annoying and unfair are the ads that pop up unexpectedly and/or the ones that cover a considerable portion of the screen covering what you were looking at. Also most annoying are the misleading “DOWNLOAD” ads on software downloading sites that download automatically all sort of unwanted software and not the one you are interested in. So it would be nice to be able to stop only the annoying types of ads and allow the innocuous ones to appear (provided they do not use excessive data).