How to permanently disable Caps Lock in Windows (without physically breaking the key) [Guide]

If you seldom require the Caps Lock you might as well disable it. That will then ensure the key is not switched on when inputting passwords. This is guide shows you how you can switch the Caps Lock key off via the registry, so it won’t turn on even if you accidentally press the Caps Lock key. Read on to learn more.

Open up registry editor. This can be done by pressing Win + R on your keyboard, typing regedit, and clicking OK.

Next browse down to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout. The only entry on the pane on the right is (Default).

lock key 3

To add a Scancode Map key, right-click an empty space on the right of the registry window and select New > Binary Key from the context menu. Add a Scancode Map title to the the new key.

lock key2

Next right-click on the new entry, and click Modify Binary Data. That opens the Edit Binary Value window in the shot below. There you should enter the following value: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 3A 00 00 00 00 00.

lock key

Click OK to close the Edit Binary Value window, and then close the registry editor. Now restart your desktop or laptop. After rebooting, open a word processor and press the Caps Lock key. The Caps Lock key will no longer capitalize the text.

Turning off the Caps Lock is just one way you can edit the key from the registry. If ever you have to restore the Caps Lock key, navigate back to the Scancode Map entry in the registry and delete it. When you reboot your desktop/laptop, the Caps Lock should now work as it did before the registry edit.

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  • notafraid ofcaplock

    don’t most password programs at most sites worth their salt require an uppercase, a lowercase letter and a number to pass their p/word prerequisites. I really like the term “tame your caps key”. I know it goes both up and down and at any given time it could be either up… or down. I know it has a light to signify when it is virtually in the down position but, what if i don’t see the light or worse yet, what if i can’t reposition my view enough to look near the light (do not look directly at the light)
    OK, I get it. Your not any good at all at multi-tasking. Typing and staring transfixed at the screen uses up all of your available RAM and 100% of your inherited cpu cycles.
    How hard can it be to, while your staring at the screen already, look and see if your typing capital letters. I mean come on, you mastered the art of looking at the screen and processing what is explicitly happening and performing the act of self gratification at the same time. And I would be willing to bet before the first session was over you were a multitasking professional at it.
    The Brainchild behind this brilliant idea uses the argument “this fix will stop you from typing in passwords and you look down and notice the caps lock is in the virtual down position and you’ve been typing caps.” Better avoid this scenario at all cost. Why? Because then somebody’s going to have to pay to have the EST’s (emergency software trainers) come all the way out here in the field to teach this mindless twit how to use the dreaded “BACKSPACE” key. I’ll tell you right now, I’M NOT PAYING FOR IT. What if he can’t do it? GOD forbid… what if he gets hurt or hurts himself?

    People that have to disable the caps lock key because they lack the motor skills to look at what they are typing while they are typing it, are the same people that think “STAR-TREK is filmed on location.

    beam me up matthewa

  • Stockel1949



    I am under Win8.1 and I have already an “Scancode Map” value in the registry. I try to make a “Scancode Map1” but it don’t work.
    Any help ?

    Sorry for my kitchen english but Ia m French speaking.

    Thank you

  • BearPup

    For those of us who prefer not to mess with the Registry, there is a little TSR program called Caps Lock Changer ( Placed in the Start Menu folder, it starts every time Windows does. You can permanently disable the key, send it elsewhere, even bring it back on-demand when needed. I’ve used it for years to tame my Caps Lock key. Hope this helps people. BP.