How to customize Firefox new tab page to show frequently visited websites [Tip]

There are a variety of Firefox add-ons that customize its tab page. Among them is New Tab King that adds a list of your most frequently visited website pages to the page. Your most visited pages are at the top of the list to give you instant access to your favorite website pages.

Open the New Tab King add-on page here, and click on the + Add to Firefox option. Then click on the + Open a new tab option at the top of the browser. Alternatively, press Ctrl + T to open the New Tab King page in the shot below.

New Tab King2

There you now have a link list of your most frequently visited website pages. Click on the Month/Week options to filter the list. When you move the cursor over one of the page links, you can select additional options on the right such as Remove from list etc. Selecting the Similar sites option opens a page that includes shortcuts to websites that have comparable content. At the top of the page there is a search box that you can enter keywords in to find specific sites.

New Tab King also has a thumbnail view. Click on the Thumbnails option near the top of the page. That then displays the page links as thumbnail previews like in the shot below.

New Tab King3

At the bottom of the page there are background options. Select the green buttons to switch between alternative background images. Or you can add your own by clicking on the Change background image button > Background and the Local file or URL radio button. Then click Browse to choose a suitable background image.

New Tab King 4

To the right of the website page list is a sidebar. Click on the sidebar to open a small notepad and list of recently closed tabs as in the shot below. This can also include application and other website shortcuts. Click on the Configure options cog icon at the top right of the page, and select Apps shortcuts. There click on the Show Applications Shortcuts on the sidebar check box, and enter shortcut titles and path at the bottom of the window. To add alternative website links, click Web Shortcuts and Show Web Shortcuts on the sidebar check box.

New Tab King

So not only does New Tab King give you instant access to your fave websites, it also includes shortcuts to software apps and a notepad. As such, this is a great add-on to have for the Firefox browser.

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