How to find and delete duplicate files in Windows and Mac OS X [Tip]

Duplicated files can take up quite a bit of space on your hard disk. There are numerous software packages that you can find and delete duplicate files with. Among them is the Easy Duplicate Finder utility, which is a freeware package.

This is the Easy Duplicate Finder website. There you should click on the Download Windows or Download for Mac to add the setup wizard to your desktop. Run the wizard to add the software to your desktop or laptop, and you’ll also need to register the package with your email address. Then open the software’s window as in the shot below.

Easy Duplicate finder2

Click on the + Add Folder option to choose some folders to scan for file duplicates. Then click the File Types button to open the window below. From there you can select specific file types to scan for by selecting their check boxes.

Easy Duplicate finder5

Press the Start Scan option to open the window below. That includes a scan meter, and once the scan has finished the number of duplicate files found. Press the Step 3:  Go Fix Them! button to proceed.

Easy Duplicate finder3

The window in the shot below shows you a list of the duplicate files found. Now click on their check boxes to select duplicate files to delete. Right-click on the duplicate files to open a context menu with various options. From that menu you can select a Delete this file option to remove them. Click on Step 1 to select some more folders to scan for file duplicates.

Easy Duplicate finder4

Overall, Easy Duplicate Finder is a great utility for removing file duplicates. The software works in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. With it you can remove lots of duplicate files to free up disk space.

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  • Kevin Brown

    You have some Duplicate Files on your computer which hampers your memory space.
    Just use “DuplicateFilesDeleter”.If you use this software you will be get comfortable.

  • Tina Rodrigo

    Thanks Mattew for your post, But at my time I used DuplicateFilesDeleter, This software worked very well. This software is totally risk free, it deletes your duplicate files and back ups your important files. I request to all dottech member to use DuplicateFilesDeleter.
    Thanks all.

  • Nilufa Akter

    I would recommend you to try Duplicate Files Deleter program.

  • Anastasia

    Duplicate Files Deleter is a good program that is fast and easy

  • CJ Cotter

    @ Binary Man
    Directory Report costs $25. No thank you.

  • Binary Man

    I use Directory Report
    www dot file-utilities dot com
    It is very fast and can save reports to many file formats

  • James

    I tried your suggested product but unfortunately it is not free… was it FREE when you write this review? Anyway I find another good product called Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder which is absolute free and very easy to use. I request you to review this product. Thanks

  • Beth

    I love foldermatch. It has always been spot on with the duplicates it suggests. (Unlike some that I have tried. I think only once did it suggest a file that wasn’t a true duplicate and I believe it was my settings.

    However, unfortunately if you have ‘corrupted files’ it can error out. :(

    It does folder to folder compare, directory compare, drop in folders and compare those specific folders, whole drives and many other things. It’s no freeware, but it’s worth the price usually. (In truth, it can be too picky. If you say have an mp3 that is a copy and one has a hyphen in the id3 tag, the other does not, it will not say it’s a duplicate. (I think you can take down the percentage of closeness if I recall correctly, but not positive. It has been a bit of time since I have used it.)

  • keving

    i try DuplicateFilesDeleter and it really work for me, i recommend it,

  • Andrew Watts

    I am a Mac user and whenever I feel my Mac is running very slow or it needs maintenance then I remove the unwanted stuff and duplicate files by a Stellar Smart Finder software. it works well with OS X Mavericks.

  • Dezs? K?szegi

    This program is not a freeware – only the trial version.

  • Bob Kyle

    How about sharing successful alternatives?
    … Picasa – go to Tools>Experimental>
    … VisiPics
    … Manual open every one of your 7,000 photos and check them out (ha)
    … Ideas ???

  • Bob Kyle

    This does not appear to be freeware. I used it to search one folder and when I went to scan a second folder on PC – it required me to upgrade and register a second time. A little confusing.

  • CJ Cotter

    Please, someone bring some enlightenment into my life, here. I’m totally mystified as to why these kinds of programs exist. I have all kinds of duplicates in my computer and storage drive, and I do NOT want them deleted! What about all of the readme.txt files? What about all of the help.chm files? Sometimes I’ll deliberately create duplicates in different locations to remind (nag) me about something I know that I’ll forget. EVERYbody has duplicates in their computer. What’s the big deal? Is your 1TB drive running out of room? I don’t mean to insult the author of this article, but it seems to me that duplicate file finders are just bloatware that takes up the room made available by the duplicates it finds.

  • Patrick C.

    – It doesn’t look like trialware (which usually means full or restricted functionality for a limited time) and it’s not fully functional freeware either (see It’s just software the free version of wich has lower functionality than the full version. ‘Unrestricted’ means (IMHO) what you find under “Features” and “Register” and “Support” sections. (I have not found an easy to consult comparison table – shame on them :-)
    – But there do exist a bunch of fully functional freeware (open source) that do te same job. (I forget what I used on my XP machine – which I turned into a Linux Mint beauty ;-) and on my Win7 laptop I keep close track of which version of what file I downloaded or created myself just by adding an indication of which one is the most recent, the better quality, the ‘in delopment stage’, etc. and by keeping a simple log. That makes cleaning up a lot easier.
    – But real problems arise when one uses a program to recover files from a broken or inaccessible HD (e.g.) The recovered files usually have more than one version with recognizable filenames and/or filenames that have been assigned a code-name (like ABd158FgK1 or some such). Comparing filesizes may be of some help to decide which ones to dump or not but that’s nor really the best criterion. When in doubt, the only way you can make the right choice then is by opening the duplicates alongside one another and study them carefully before gettig rid of the garbadge.
    – Hover sofisticated a ‘duplicate finder’ may be deciding what to keep or not in the end often turns out to be a manual proces.
    – Besides: when you’ve not yet decided on what to delete you may always ‘quarantain’ it for later scrutiny… An option all duplicatefinder software should have.
    – I may try ‘Easy Duplicate Finder’ using some older CD/DVD’s in the future.
    Have a nice day,

  • Joe


    The trial lets you scan all you want and lets you delete up to 10 duplicates. Then it goes into scan-only mode and the full version costs $39.95.

  • How is it not freeware? Doesn’t seem to be a limited trial package.

  • Al P.

    When I find two identical files, which one do I delete? Or doesn’t it matter? Thx

  • David Roper

    Yep, Joe, looks like Trial ware, with “unrestricted” use offered for money. I wonder what unrestricted means?

  • Joe

    Easy Duplicate Finder is a great tool. I use it both on Windows and Mac and it’s never failed me. One thing, though – it’s not freeware, so you may want to change that info to not mislead your readers.

  • David Roper

    I liked the article about the file dupe finder. I would warn that only non active files be erased afterwards. what I mean is probably safe to remove Pictures and Videos, ZIPs and PDFs. But I would never take away a file that some other utility might be using to run and that includes TXT and INI and DAT files. Just sayin’

    In fact I would try to quarantining them for 3 months to see if I really could zonk them. They won’t mind.

    I am bad about copying ZIP files over to somewhere to unzip and then forgetting I did it. Thanks.