How to open MOBI files in Kindle for Android [Tip]

The Amazon Kindle app is definitely one of the best e-book readers for Android. Not only does it flaunt a lot of good features, it also allows you to read documents and e-books that you’ve downloaded outside of Amazon.

Speaking of which, the Kindle app supports various types of file and documents. Therefore, it is not only limited to AZW (.azw) files. You can also use it to view PDF (.pdf) and MOBI (.mobi) files.

To view a PDF on Kindle for Android, you simply open the file directly from your file or document manager. By default, the “Complete action using” dialog box will appear and you can choose the application that you want  for viewing your PDF document.

Now, with MOBI files, it’s a bit different. Usually, you will get an error message if ever you directly open or view the file from your file manager. If, in case, this happens, you can follow the steps listed below.

How to open MOBI files in Kindle app for Android

  • On your Android device, go to your app drawer then open your preferred file manager. In some devices, it’s called file explorer. If you don’t have one, you can always download a third-party file management app such as AntTek File Explorer.
  • On your file manager, locate your MOBI file (it has a filename extension of .mobi).

open mobi in Kindle for Android

  • Select and copy your MOBI file and then paste it to your Kindle folder. The Kindle folder is usually nested under the parent file directory (ex. /storage/sdcard).

open mobi in Kindle for Android b

  • After pasting your MOBI file to the Kindle folder, close your file manager and then open your Kindle app.
  • As you can notice, the file has been already added to your carousel. If you still don’t see it, just go to your Kindle app’s menu then press “Sync”. Just select the file to read it and that’s it, you’re done.

open mobi in Kindle for Android c

If all else fails and you still didn’t manage to open your MOBI file using the Kindle app for Android, you can always look for an alternative solution. For example, you can view the file using a different e-book reader. You may read this post to learn how to open a .mobi file in Android using a different application.

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  • Rebecca Kieser

    Thank you!!! That finally worked!!

  • pam

    Thanks! I did this on my Samsung S7 using ES file manager: copy from the downloads folder, paste into Kindle folder. Simplifies things considerably.

  • HTCUser

    if you’re still struggling follow these steps
    1 – Go to Kindle app settings and locate “Data Storage Access” option. enable it, accept permission request. make sure it’s properly toggled and exit the app!
    2 – Download any file explorer. goto your internal storage and locate “kindle” folder. if you cannot find it, create it yourself.
    3 – Copy or move your files to kindle folder and open the kindle app
    4 – Perform “Sync” operation and navigate to “Library->On Device” section where you will find your newly copied files.

  • NHacek

    I don’t have a kindle folder to paste the files into. I’ve looked everywhere. I don’t even have a documents folder to put them in as a secondary option to hold the files until I find the Kindle folder. If Kindle is storing files on my device, they’ve hidden them VERY well.

  • Jonathan

    Unfortunately, this didn’t work at all. I download books from my Kindle account to my phone (LG G5), but they do not appear in a Kindle folder in Internal Storage. Can’t find them anywhere using Solid Explorer. And if I download a mobi file, I cannot locate the folder Kindle is storing this stuff in. Damned odd as hell.

  • John

    Worked perfectly!

    Just selected the MOBI files in my Download folder and selected the Move choice, picked the Kindle folder as the destination and, when I opened Kindle, it checked for new files and there appeared the MOBI files I had moved. Opened from there and enjoyed.

    Thank you.

  • Retro Kimmer

    Brilliant! I struggled with this for hours last night and finally googled you! Thanks so much! xK

  • Claudette Dorsey

    Thank you! Your explanation worked after several other resources did not.
    Incredibly easy once I realized my Samsung Note 4 file manager titled the destination folder “files”, under “”, under “data”, under “Android” on the SD Card.

    Then I opened the Amazon Kindle app, and the book I’d downloaded as a .mobi file appeared instantly on the carousel.

    Many thanks!

  • Ikhwan Al Arif

    Amazing … Very Helpfull. Thanks

  • Rachel

    For whatever reason, this doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried cut/paste, copy/paste, I’ve tried to drag it using windows explorer on my laptop.
    I don’t know if they’ve updated the app since you posted this tutorial but it definitely doesn’t work for me (which is annoying as I wanted to read my open uni books on my android-kindle app for mobility).
    I’m on a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet with Kindle version

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! This was driving me crazy. You’re the best!

  • Flash Reiker

    Thanks Kent. Perfect tutorial. Best of all it worked for my Galaxy S3 Kindle app.

  • Thank you!

  • Shamim Ahmed Laskar

    Thanks a lot :) You tips 100% worked.

  • ram

    Perfect solution !

  • Andrew

    Thank you a lot. It was a helpful advice.

  • Hong-Yi

    Thanks so much, works perfectly and so simple!

  • asheena

    Thank you so much. Worked perfect for me.

  • abay

    I can’t thank you enough!

  • Karan

    Thanks a lot :)

  • axe

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    Awesome it worked :)

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