How to navigate pages with mouse gestures in Opera [Tip]

In this article, I told you about how we can select Firefox options and navigate pages with short mouse movement combinations. You can also do the same thing in Opera without any extensions. The more recent Opera versions include mouse gesture options.

They might be enabled by default, but check the Settings page in the shot below by pressing Alt + P. There scroll down to Shortcuts, which includes an Enable mouse gestures option. If that check box does not include a tick select the option.

Opera article

Now you can try out some of the Opera mouse movements. Open a page tab, hold the right mouse button and then move the mouse down and to the right. The page closes when you let go of the mouse button. Note that the right mouse button must be pressed down for all the mouse movements.

There is an Opera mouse movement that opens new page tabs. Hold the right mouse button and then move the mouse down a bit. That should open Opera’s Speed Dial tab.

You can also move forward and back through pages with the mouse movements. To move back to a previous page, hold the right button and move the mouse to the left. To go forward a page, hold mouse button and move the mouse to the right.

Admittedly, Opera doesn’t have a huge number of mouse movements for navigation. Nevertheless, those that it does have are handy for website navigation. You can find more details about the Opera navigation gestures at this page.

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