EASEUS releases new freeware version of Data Recovery Wizard

EASEUS is a name that should be very well known to dotTechies because EASEUS not only often runs freebies promotions that I have posted about, but dotTech has also reviewed multiple different EASEUS products. One such product – that was given out as a freebie by EASEUS and reviewed by dotTech – is EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard. EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is a commercial software (starting from $69.95) that allows users to recover lost files and partitions. To help attract the growing wave of pro-freeware fans, EASEUS has recently released a new freeware version of their Data Recovery Wizard program:

Here is a chart showing all the features of EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard and the differences between all the editions:

(Click on image to view chart in full size.)

As you can see from the chart, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is the exact same software as EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional (it has all the same features, can recover all the same files, etc.), with one catch: EASEUS Data Recovery Free can only recover up to 1 GB (1024 MB) worth of files. In other words, you can recover whatever files you want with EASEUS Data Recovery Free, but the total size of the recovered files must be less than 1024 MB. This does not mean that you can recover up to 1024 MB worth of files at once; it means you can recover 1024 MB worth of files in total – the addition of file sizes every time you run the program and recover files.

Now this limitation on amount of files that can be recovered may be a negative aspect, but combined with the WinPE bootable media that can be created, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free can (potentially) be used for pinpoint recovery of select important files after a hard drive crash (keep in mind most “important files” tend to be documents which are typically not that big in size anyway). And EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is completely freeware, so it can be used at home or at work, for non-commercial or commercial use. So, yes, while I would prefer EASEUS to release a non-limited version of their Data Recovery Wizard Free, this is a new change I welcome whole heartily. You may download EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free from the follow links:

Version reviewed: V5.0.1

Supported OS: Windows 2000 and higher

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free homepage [download page]

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  • jim

    Works well as this article writes: it is free and recovery software
    Worth recommended!

  • Fred

    I don´t think i have use for that. Easeus already gave away an older pro version a few times on giveawayoftheday.com and a beta of the newest version was already given away on their website earlier this year.
    Aside from that there´s enough free data recovery software out there.
    I recommended Pandora Recovery a few times to friends and the response was always positive.

  • OldElmerFudd

    @RobCr: Re: “I don’t know how XP does the ’slight of hand’ to show/hide folders from different users.” ” XP should have a setting during install that says – ‘I will be the only one logging in, so keep it simple.’”
    I don’t quite get whether or not you’re referring to Shared Folders under My Computer or not. Should I assume you know how to show your hidden folders in any Explorer window? (Tools>Folder Options>View>Show Hidden Folders radio button)
    And yes, the Live CD should give your friend access to all the drive’s contents.

  • RobCr

    In case anyone is not aware of my dry sense of humor, when I mentioned ‘Idiots’ above, you will note that I included myself.

  • RobCr

    Heeding your advice, I think I will get him to Download and create a LiveCD for Puppy Linux.
    He is still interstate.
    I created one for myself, In case I ever needed to recover data (ie copy folders from an unbootable drive.)
    Never had to use it for that purpose (yet), but I played with it a bit.
    I favor it over all the other Linux’s, as it is –
    – Fairly easy to use.
    – Runs totally in ram.
    – You can even remove the liveCD, and use the burner
    – You can retain all your settings, applications, etc, by creating a file.
    (And it does it for you)
    – Does not stuff up Windows, or the Boot Manger
    (Stuffing up Windows, or Boot Managers can easily happen to idiots using other Linux’s, or even when attempting to make them bootable from USB thumb drives. It has happened to me.)
    I don’t know how XP does the ‘slight of hand’ to show/hide folders from different users (I have never had a family, so I avoid multiple user logins, as much as XP will let me). XP should have a setting during install that says – ‘I will be the only one logging in, so keep it simple.’
    I am guessing the folders he will see, from the LiveCD, will be the ones from his original main login ?

  • OldElmerFudd

    @RobCr: Well, the middle button is probably your best choice. Remember, though, this Free edition will recover a total of 1024 MB of data. After that, nothing more – at all.
    (For the life of me, I can’t quite see how the Partition Recovery option is much use, considering that limit.)
    (@Mike: In my mind, the Free version is what I call crippleware – unable to function past a certain point. It strikes me as a marketing strategy as much as a convenience for one-time users with a limited recovery problem.)
    @RobCr: If your friend’s machine is over that limit, this may not be the best solution. It may require something like partition recovery software. That said, you may be able to get around the limit by using Revo Uninstaller to clean the program off the drive and out of the registry, then re-installing it. With luck, you wouldn’t be faced with manually cleaning registry entries – never any fun!

  • Mike

    As a consumer, don’t like this freeware business model at all (although it’s an interesting approach).  It’s like a limited, non-rechargeable disposable battery.

  • RobCr

    I use Seagate DiscWizard for both of my tower PCs.
    I am trying to convince him over the phone, to download DiscWizard, and burn to CD, and then create image.
    I will try harder.
    I am not a big fan of Laptops, for a few reasons.
    I assume his has a secret recovery partition, which I have never had to deal with when imaging. Will that add a complexity ?
    If we try using Ashraf’s (cough!) program (to recover files/folders), which of the three buttons should we click ?

  • OldElmerFudd

    @RobCr: I could be wrong, but I think you could do what you’re considering. Before mucking about with his primary account/partition, do you have a way to image it as it sits? (Assuming there’s not a good image backup already, of course.) That would protect him from any lasting damage, afaict.

  • RobCr

    I have dug a little deeper, and it appears that other software (like BartPE) is required to make the bootable CD.
    As an alternative could he install Ashraf’s(you know what I mean) program into the lean Profile that XP created for him (my digging found out where that lean Profile came from) ?
    Then run it within that lean Profile.
    Would it be able to ‘see’ folders such as C:\ClipBuddy that were in the original Profile (in the damaged Profile) ?
    If so, could someone let me know which options(Buttons) to choose when running the program ?

  • OldElmerFudd

    Very nice. I’ve had DRW Standard for a couple of years. It helped me recover one of three partitions on a drive full of data. As I recall, it was a little slow, but worked pretty well.
    I’ll check this out on another machine later. The free DRW requires uninstalling my Standard version on this one.

  • RobCr

    I have installed it in my lesser PC, in the lesser Partition.
    (PS at this time I am only installing it,  to see how to create the bootable CD, so that I can then guide a troubled friend interstate.)
    I have now started it, and have three options (ONLY these 3 Options)
    Deleted File Recovery
    Complete Recovery
    Partition Recovery
    I will need the ‘create bootable CD’ option, but I cannot find it.
    I will now ramble on (below) about what I need it for –
    My intended use (actually a friend’s intended use) will be to retrieve files (folders and/or Files) from a XP laptop.
    He messed with the Domain Names, and on reboot, it got huffy that it could not find the Business Domain, that he uses when in another  Town.
    We eventually got the laptop to boot to last known good configuration, and XP managed to avoid his normal Login (Profile), and throw him into a lesser Profile.  (XP seems happy to keep booting into that.)
    So he has two choices –
    Somehow peep across (to his main Profile) whilst he is in his lesser profile (can you see folders such as C:\ClipBuddy in that main Profile ?)
    Or, he use this program that Ashraf has astutely found for us.
    If we use the latter, does anyone know how to create the bootable CD ?

  • ebony

    I have Edition 5.0.1 which is also the one on the DL page and my update attempt from within the SW stated that I have the current version. Do I still need this one? I am thinking not.

  • Jabtano

    Thanks this is pretty decent and good to have for that Opps I did it again moment.