How to open page links in split windows in Chrome [Tip]

Whilst browsing in Chrome, you cannot open two windows at once unless you split them by selecting a page tab and pressing Ctrl + N. Wouldn’t it be great if you could open two browser windows side by side after clicking a new page link? NiftySplit is an extension designed exactly for that so you can open any link on the left window in one on the right.

This is the NiftySplit extension page from which you can add it to Google Chrome. There click on the + Free option to install. Now open a website page and right-click on one of links. You’ll then find the context menu includes an Open as NiftySplit window option as below.


Go ahead and click on that option to open a new page. The page does not open in the same browser window. Instead, it opens in a new split window as below.


As such, now you can browse new pages in the window on the right and keep the current page open the left. You can also still open new pages in the left window. To open pages in the left window, hold the Shift key and click a page link.

NiftySplit also has a few extra options. Enter chrome://extensions in the address bar, and then scroll down to NiftySplit extension. Then click Options to open the page in the shot below.


There, there are a few customization options for the extension. You can customize how the right and left windows close and maximize and resize actions. To restore default settings, click the Reset button.

Overall, NiftySplit is an innovative Google Chrome extension. With this extension you can keep a primary website page open, and browse through pages linked from it. 

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