How to create animated PDF presentations in Windows [Tip]

This previous article covered how to set up PDF image albums. However, they were static albums with no transition effects or audio that you would find in presentations. To create an animated PDF presentation, add the PDFrizator to Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8. Keep reading to learn more.

Head over to this page, and select the That saves the Zip file which you can extract by right-clicking it and selecting Extract All. Alternatively, select the Zip file with the freeware 7-Zip utility to run its setup wizard. Then launch the software to open the window below.


Next press the Add supported files to the project option to add some images to the PDF presentation. That opens the Resources window below from which you can select some images. The window also includes a Page Editor tab with which you can crop the pictures with by selecting the Crop Tool.


Hold the Ctrl key, select all the images, click View and then Properties editor. That opens the editor in the shot below. Select Presentation mode on the General tab. Click on the editor’s Page tab, and then select the Transition effect drop-down menu. From there you can choose a variety of alternative transitions for the presentation.


By default, the display duration is – 1. As such, you should adjust that to something like three, four, five seconds etc for the page to open the next image automatically.

To add background audio to the presentation, open the Document tab and select browse button beside the Background Music text box. That will open the Sound Explorer window below. From there choose a suitable audio track for the PDF presentation.


Then click File and select the Convert to PDF option from the menu. Once you’ve saved the PDF presentation, open it Adobe Reader as below. Next press Ctrl + L to open Adobe Reader in full screen mode, and your PDF presentation.


Now you can set up a multitude of dynamic PDF presentations to showcase your favorite photos. PDFFrizator is a handy application that gives you just the right set of tools for setting up PDF presentations.

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