Dropbox – The best way to sync your files to other computers

Today’s post is brought to you by Conn09, an active member of the forums.  He’ll talk about Dropbox, the great online file synchronization service we all love so much.

Although most of you have probably heard of Dropbox, some of you may have never used it.  If you haven’t, here’s a quick review of Dropbox and why you should have it.

@page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } A:link { so-language: zxx } –>Dropbox is possibly one of the best file syncing services on the internet.  Lugging around a USB pen drive, or worse, a small hard drive, can be really annoying.  Sometimes you might forget to copy something or maybe you have the wrong version, or an older version. Now I don’t know about you but I hate that.  If you have multiple computers-say, a home computer and a work computer that you need to share files on, or you have your desktop computer and an on-the-go laptop-then Dropbox is a must.

Dropbox fixes that, and with a free account that only takes minutes to set up you get 2GB of free online storage. No more USB pen drives or SD cards to lose and no more outdated documents slowing you down. By installing Dropbox on your computer and other computers you use, you can easily keep all of your most important files in sync automatically-just simply choose the file you want to keep synced and move it into your Dropbox folder that was installed on your computer and Dropbox will sync it immediately, no trouble at all.

Dropbox can also sync to most phones-iPhones, iPads and Android phones are all supported and have their own app to download from the Dropbox website: https://www.dropbox.com/anywhere.  They are also currently working on a Blackberry app, which I can’t wait for.

@page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>Dropbox can also be used to keep portable apps-I keep portable Keepass, Firefox, Chrome and a few others in my Dropbox and they run and sync flawlessly. Since Dropbox integrates seamlessly into Windows Explorer (or other file managers), you can also edit all your documents and other files as you would normally, and since they have already been downloaded on your computer, you don’t have to worry about going offline-Dropbox keeps a copy of every file in your Dropbox folder on both your computers and on their servers, and any changes you make on a computer will be synced to their server and to the other computers the next time you’re online.

@page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>Another great thing about Dropbox is that you can earn more space for free, just by completing a few “goals” :

@page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } A:link { so-language: zxx } –>Better yet, you can earn up to 8GB just for referring others to Dropbox using your own referral code or email-what do you think I’m doing right now? If you encourage your friends to sign up using your link, you could have up to 10GB of FREE space to sync your files!

To get you started with an extra 250 MB bonus, use this referral link:


Alternatively, those of you with money to spare can always buy a Dropbox Pro 50 account for 50GB of space costing $9.99 a month, or you could go further and buy a Pro 100 account with 100GB of space costing $19.99 a month.

Trust me, you’ll love Dropbox.

There is even a Dropbox Portable available in the Dropbox forums that’ll keep the files on your thumb drives in sync!

Once again, this post was brought to you by Conn09.

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  • Giovanni


    Ah ok…didn’t know it because I have Windows 7 32 bit…

    Anyway…here you can backup and sync files for FREE up to 10 GB


  • jayesstee

    According to the Developer, this is not suitable for 64 bit! :((

  • Giovanni

    Another way to sync your files to other computers is to use this FREE APP:


    Unlike Dropbox, with this FREE TOOL there’s no size limit.


  • jumbi

    @Conn09: OK.
    ps. I have seen your other thread, not meant this one. I meant the one by Ashraf who had compared many free online backup services, called ”
    dotTech Showdown: Free online backup services – which one is the best?
    which has valuable information.

  • Conn09

    @jumbi: …………….i don’t know why i bother sometimes……… Please just leave this now i have no time to argue over Fairness with you.

    I have better things to do with my time.

    BTW: i think i made the other thread in the Forums……..

  • jumbi

    @Conn09: xmmm,

    Perhaps you got annoyed because you “feel” the mistake…
    I am sorry to make you feel annoyed.

    On the other thread, with the free links, nobody complained, believe me. And more people were happy. And it was funny and pleassant to read the way everyone asked to use their links.

    Here I complained, because I realised it or because I had the time to write about it.
    And I wrote a very short advice, just saying that when you get full, let the others write their links.
    I did wrote some arguments only after your reply with the “non-democratic” arguments.

    If still, you cannot see the mistake, I can prepare a poll and you will see what other members think about that.
    (if of course the admins “let” the votes to be fair!!)

    I understand though that most probably, it was less your mistake and more the admins mistake who permitted (by enthusiasm to dropbox) that situation.
    And I am not attacking you, I reply to all this so that future “secret under the table arrangements” could be avoided.

    Nevertheless, I do not with to continue also as this is a minor issue and time is valuable…

  • Conn09

    @jumbi: Again as i said before i gt my 10GB in two days then allowed Locutus to change the link. So how am i being undemocratic.
    I know that other people want it, although i can’t do anything about that now can i? I said to Locutus that he is free to change it if he wants, and he waited for me to get my space, then changed it to his so he could get more space. Of course other people want the space, but imagine how many people come to dottech. How many of those people would not get there extra space because everyone else on the site has already signed up. So in the end what you are saying is slightly ridiculous.
    I know other people want it, and yes i would probably be annoyed if this same thing happened to me, but i wouldn’t start being silly and telling everyone to start sending PM en masse to an admin just so they can get there referral link posted. If it was anyone else’s except yours you would most likely act the same way against them.
    I have said nothing to be nasty, and now you are attacking me?
    I simply said that if everyone that visited dottech and signed up AND posted there referral link, how many people would really get any space?
    There’s way over 200 people that visit Dottech and if they all signed up then decided to post their links, it would be madness.
    Imagine 200+ posts underneath this article just saying:
    “Can anyone sign up with my referral link: [insert link here]”
    As far as i can see, at the moment you are the only person complaining and no one else seems to mind how it goes, and i think if you are intelligent enough you will realise that some order is needed lest this would descend into chaos.
    Now please cease the petty argument and let others that come to Dottech be welcomed to at the least friendly discussions, i wish not to argue with you, and i did not start any argument with you at all, no please cease this. I would rather, after this whole predicament with a certain other memeber, we all got along. As i said before, there is nothing i can do to change the article anyway, i left it in the hands of the admins.

    Edit: Oh great now i get to start my day annoyed.

  • jumbi

    @Conn09: Xmmm….
    Well, listen:
    I knew that what you described was happening but you should have told that before and not now (unless I haven’t noticed).

    This is supposed to be a “free” forum for everybody and not a “company” forum with some “privileged” members (and I believe so although I have donated real money to dottech).

    The first BIG link would normally grab most visitors, so you would go full anyway. Whats the problem if you dont get 10gb and get 4-8gb and someone else also gets something?! Sounds too egoistic to me and I believe most other members will agree.

    Dropbox has been covered more than enough in a previous thread but since I love it also, I was very glad to see a separate “dedicated” thread.

    I do not even bother to copy-paste that previous link (which has A LOT OF INFORMATION), since the link will pass through moderators who may block it, so members LOSE all that information.

    But, how would you like if many persons open similar threads with “locked” referal links, instead of waiting your non-democratic agreement?!

    OK, Lets everybody send pm to Locutus and ask for such an agreement and publish a similar new thread with locked links. Lets goooo people !!

    If a few members do that, the moderators will change opinion about this kind of “private” agreements…

    To summarize, I think you should understand and accept that a prize is better to be shared to many than a few.
    And this applies to many things in life, be careful.

    If you dont understand, make a members poll and you will see the truth.

    (P.S. I have enough space, no worries for me. And I had supported Locutus link in previous thread when I reached a nice 5gb -enough for me- storage level by telling people not to sigh through my link but through his link).

  • Conn09

    @jumbi: That is simply because i agreed with Locutus that after i got my full space he could change the referral code to his own and then after he has the full space, he can change it again to someone else’s. All the other people should be respecting this and not post there referral, instead they should either PM me or Locutus, inquiring if they can have their referral code displayed, if everyone else was allowed to simply post theirs underneath this, no-one would get the full space because too many people would be posting their’s.

    So the Moderators were correct in deleting the post’s, i stand by them 100%. These people need to learn to be patient. I waited about 2 years to finally get mine posted and lots of people signed up in 2 days. So if i had to wait and Locutus had to wait, and anyone else that now has the space had to wait, the rest of you can too.

  • jumbi

    Dropbox rocks!
    (when someone here gets the full size, change the first referral link to the next interested person or let others publish their referral links, otherwise new people sign and no referrer gets more space. I say this because I noticed that previous posts with links where deleted by moderators and its a pitty)

  • Conn09

    @HuMan: I to have used Sugar sync and must admit that it is a strong competitor to dropbox, although i don’t like the way it has to manage it’s files and folders, it has it’s own file manager, which you have to use to select any files you want to sync or create new files to sync, whereas with Dropbox,  you can simply use it  like you would a normal file. There is even a small program made for dropbox so you can select files and folders outside the dropbox folder to sync, which i much prefer to use. Also Sugarsync, due to it’s manager, uses more system resources when running, unlike Dropbox, which uses little aat all.

  • HuMan

    Hi Everyone,

    Dropbox is really great. However, it has a strong competitor, SugarSync, which is (IMHO) better than Dropbox in the field of creating online photo albums. If you would like to give it a whirl, please sign up by using this referral link: https://www.sugarsync.com/referral?rf=eysjtbxz6opik (You will get 2.25 GB storage space for free.)

    Thank you.
    Best regards

  • Conn09

    @Caleb: Okay then i’ll let you off for now ;) I’ve got 10.3GB it’s sooo amazing!! :D

  • @Conn09: Don’t worry, I’m not trying to steal anyone’s thunder.  I only have 2.25GB

  • Conn09

    @Caleb: No stealing Locutus’ thunder ;)
    It’s his turn now, i promised him ;)

  • Please help me get more space by signing up at https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTE2MTE0ODg5

  • Conn09

    @Locutus: I really can’t believe how quickly i got my Full space, in 2 days i had over 50 people sign up with just under 50 completing the install and such, i was amazed at the amount of people and the time scale that they had signed up in. I hope you complete yours.

  • @Conn09: Lucky.  I only have 8.3GB…

  • Conn09

    @Mr.Dave: Thankyou, although i don’t think i could cope with it taking up so much RAM and such, plus i really prefer Dropbox and with a few simple edits i can tell it to sync basically any file i want outside of the Dropbox Folder, i remember seeing it on Lifehacker some time ago.

  • Conn09

    @Locutus: Oh sorry Locutus. The last PM i sent you i meant change it. Well it’s done now anyway :) i’m so happy now i got the full 10.3GB on my Dropbox. A bit sad i know but oh well.

  • Mr.Dave

    @Conn09: ZumoDrive is yet another offline storage/synch/sharing solution.  I found it as an “application” in Yahoo Mail (they call it “MyDrive” and it gives you a window within Yahoo Mail to access all the files you have stored or attach them to messages, kinda handy!) but it works great without it.  You get 2 GB free space once you complete the Zumo Ninja training (load it, add files, load on another PC, share files, etc.).  Any folder can be synched to it, you can send people web links to access the files or allow select people to modify files for collaboration.  Works well but needs about 100MB of RAM when running, plus “cache” storage space on your hard drive.  But it’s so nice to have those files available across PCs, and during a system crash I still could get to my important stuff!  ZumoDrive.com.

  • @Conn09: Done!

  • @Conn09: I didn’t realize you meant right then :O

  • Conn09

    @Mr.Dave: Where is Locutus?! He had said yesterday that he will have to go in 2 days, i didn’t think he’d leave now. He needs to be quick and get his link up, i have already told him.

    BTW what is Zumo? I might Check it out, thanks for giving me some info.

  • Mr.Dave

    @Conn09: I’ll wait a bit to see if Locutus puts up a referral link before grabbing DropBox.  I might be able to use Zumo for work files and Dropbox for everything else, if they can peacefully coexist.

  • Conn09

    @Mr.Dave: OH NO!!! you caught me, i’ve got my max referrals now (IN JUST 2 DAYS!!!! How amazing is that!!. It’s Locutus’ turn now anyway i have PMed him.

    I’m sorry to say that, as far as i know, you cannot do the functions you wish, it syncs all files to all you computers that have Dropbox installed, there may be some way around it, but i am afraid that there is nothing you can do, that i know of.
    And thank you! I am glad you found my article to be a “good writeup” as i said before this is the first article i have published….ever. So thank you :)

  • Mr.Dave

    I may need to give this a try, sounds good.  I’m hoping it won’t interfere with Zumo Drive, which is a similar program I’ve been using for many months.
    One question: is it possible to synch only some dropbox folders on different computers?  I’d like to synch work files (A) to home, and home files (B) between three PCs, but don’t want the home files synched to my work computer or my work files synched to my other two home PCs:
    work  PC        home PC 1         home PC 2        home PC 3
    Thanks, Conn09, for a good writeup!  And let us know when you get your maximum number of referals, so others can post their referal links and get more storage as well.

  • Conn09

    @Nreddy: I think they are going to shut that project down in favour of the new Windows Live Sync instead. Give Dropbox a try anyway, i did try Live Mesh a while ago, but found that Dropbox was better in the end.

  • Nreddy

    What about Live mesh? I have been using it for months now.. works great. But only saves the current version of the file. Has upto 5GB free space.

  • @jivadas: No, I was saying that I don’t have permission to change the default subscription box setting, and then I outlined my permissions.


  • jivadas

    @Locutus: Are you implying that I am off-topic? Well, I am offtopic. Like Walt, I contain multitudes.
    I’m an unusual Dbxer: I’m translating a book that is contained in hundreds of files (a chapter a file). I have people assisting me in the translation.
    Before, to collaborate, I had to use my googleGroup to forward the highly formatted pages to my collaborators, with frequent google fuckdowns.
    Now I can give the collaborator a key, and s/he can enter my virtual desktop to that file, and play around however s/he wishes, even splashing paint.
    That gets saved.
    If some other s/he butts-in, Dropbox records the new edit, while saving the old.
    This is all in the virtual desktop. Meanwhile, the original file is on the real desktop.
    Dropbox also works as small-scale publishing, if you have a forum like a googleGroup. You can publish the Dropbox Keys (_url_s), and open your files to everyone with a nose for your wares.
    And there are Dropbox Forums where they are exploring new things (like a stats machine to count visitors).
    Did I say, “_Did I ever lie to you before?_” before?


  • ebony

    @Conn09: Thanks. I did not know who wrote it. I appreciate it.

  • @jivadas: That’s something to take up with Ashraf-I don’t have the proper permissions to do that, I can only write articles and moderate the forums (and moderate comments on my articles).

  • jivadas

    “Notify me” should be automatically checked in these pages.

  • @jivadas: Actually Conn09 is the one with the referral link, as he wrote this.

    You’re right, this is EPIC.

  • jivadas

    @Keoni: The gut question with these systems is how long they last.
    I’ve bet on Dropbox because of its name (I can’t recall the name of the system you mentioned).
    Dropbox has Forums for exploring its utility. I think it is the greatest invention in collaborative working E-V-E-R!!!
    And it’s free for small operators. I have a big book, with hundreds of files, so I’ve opted to pay their somewhat high price for full service; but the first 2 gigs are free. If you enrol with Locutus (no relation of mine) he gets bonus space.
    Try it! Have I ever lied to you before?


  • jivadas

    @phoenix_rising: Thanks for the link.

  • Conn09

    @Keoni: If you sign up for it, remember to install the actual program too, otherwise you won’t really be able to use Dropbox the way it was intended – as an easy file syncing service

  • Conn09

    @michael: Dropbox is also free, and after using Windows live sync beta, i am still going to stay with dropbox, as the windows live sync upon inspection only allows you to use 2Gb for any files you synchronise, it did when i checked.

    Like i said before, give it a try, you may really love it. To be honest, when i first saw it a few years ago, i didn’t see the point of it and didn’t like it, then after trying it, i fell in love with it. And it has been very helpful on many occasions.

  • michael

    People can also use windows live synch if wanting to synch between windows computer using vista or win 7 and also between Windows and Macs.  Not as feature rich as drop box, but free. thanks for the story on Drop box, it is new to me as well.

  • Keoni

    Alright Conn09,
    I’ll give it a try to compare both solutions :)
    Again thanx!!

  • Conn09

    @ebony: Not to be snobby or anything ebony, but it was actually me that wrote the article, and i asked Locutus to publish it because i am not an official Author yet.

    And yes Ebony, i wrote this article to help people out so go ahead and add it to your GCS. I’m actually surprised how many people didn’t know about this service. As it has been around for some time and it is a very popular file syncing service.

  • @ebony: you’re going to have to ask Conn09. ;-)

  • ebony

    Thanks Locutus
    This answers most of the questions I have. Wish I had seen it before I posted the questions. My fault.
    Anyway, do you mind if I place this article in my GCS for personal use only?  Pleaseeeee.

  • Conn09

    @Keoni: I recommend that you try out Dropbox, simply because you can get up to 10GB of space free and it does, as far as i can tell, the same job as the site you talk about.

  • Keoni

    Hello everyone an thanks for the review Conn09.
    I must say I didn’t try Dropbox because I’m exceedingly happy with SpyderOak ( https://spideroak.com/ ) which also has 2Gb of free space and has incredible features for backup, file synching, file/folder sharing, etc. It’s multiplatform comprising Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian & Fedora).
    I keep all my files in sync between 3 computers thanks to this without a single problem! Connections are fast and I can relax all my files are in sync, it even preserves different versions of the same file.
    Files are accessible from any device capable of accessing the Internet.
    Too many features to mention so it would be really nice to see a comparison between these two wonders ;)

  • Conn09

    @phoenix_rising: Thanks phoenix_rising! :)

  • phoenix_rising

    @Conn09: Keep up the good work, Conno9!

  • Conn09

    @gpc111: Thankyou. This is probably my first article that i’ve ever written and published. So thankyou very much.

  • gpc111

    Nice article. Well written and informative. I might check out Drop Box for myself.

  • Conn09

    @Locutus: Aye, i think there is anyway. Seems a bit odd that there’s a time limit on the Signed in users comments though.

  • @Conn09: I thought there was a time limit either way?

  • Conn09

    @Locutus: oh right, i thought the differences were that you could not edit it if you did not sign in? oh well, i know for future reference.
    @Denis: What they allow you to use this at school? i wish my school had done that, they blocked all online storage sites

  • Denis

    I use this software on a daily basis, this what I have to hand in all my assignments with.

  • jumbi

    While dropbox has been covered with many details into the comments of the comparison thread
    and also in many other pages into dottech,
    nevertheless I strongly welcome this separate devoted thread with these additional information and programs specifically for dropbox.
    If I tell you again how much I love dropbox I may sound boring…

    When Conn09 has full space from referrals and sice Locutus I think is already full (read somewhere around, correct me if I am wrong), please tell us so that no more people sign in in vain through the above link.

    My referral link after that is:
    and I will also inform if I get full space.

  • There’s really no difference between signing in and not.

  • Conn09

    Damn i forgot to sign in before i posted ^^ that’s how late up i was last night and how early i’m up now ^_^

  • Conn09

    Thanks guys for reading my review, and also a huge thanks to Locutus for publishing the article for me.
    Hope it helps new users get onto it, it’s a really useful service, and there are several other small programs, such as the one mentioned by pheonix_rising, that can further improve your Dropbox.

  • phoenix_rising

    Thanks for the review. I’m a big fan of Dropbox. Can I also just add that you can install Dropbox Folder Sync, with which you can add any folder to Dropbox with a right-click. Very handy extension. It’s available at: http://wiki.dropbox.com/DropboxAddons/DropboxFolderSync

  • OldElmerFudd

    I’ve been using the 2GB free version for several months and really like the software. Fine for uploading and downloading between my machines and some off site boxes I deal with. Haven’t felt the need to pay for more storage.