Don’t have enough screen space? Extend your screen with GiMeSpace.

To assist in multitasking, some people some multiple monitors; others use virtual desktops. If you don’t like any of the previously mentioned solutions (or maybe you like it but are unable to utilize them, i.e. you don’t have extra monitors), GiMeSpace provides users with an alternative on how to go about multitasking.

GiMeSpace is a software that, simply put, “extends” your screen – you scroll your screen left/right by moving your mouse to the left edge or right edge. As you scroll your screen, you get more open space to place windows and do your work. Confused? Watch this demo video (created by the developer) which shows GiMeSpace in action:

GiMeSpace comes in three editions: Free Edition, Desktop Extender Edition, and Ultimate Taskbar. The Free Edition can perform three functions – scroll horizontally, lock scrolling, and calling all windows to the current view:

If you would like more features, such as being able to automatically lineup windows, scroll vertically, and control the speed of scrolling, you need to purchase the Desktop Extender Editions ($12.50 USD) or the Ultimate Taskbar ($12.50 USD). However, there are two features that I find are lacking even in the paid versions of GiMeSpace:

  • I would like to have the ability to “jump” from screen view to screen view using hotkeys, similar to how users “jump” from virtual desktop to virtual desktop. I realize if users want this feature they could use a virtual desktop, but some users may like the scrolling capability yet still want to be able to quickly “jump” from screen view to screen view for quicker multitasking.
  • I would like the capability to revert back to the original view. Sometimes after scrolling so much one can get lost. Yes, there is a “collect windows” feature that brings all window to the current view. However, I want to also be able to return back to the original view, as opposed to calling all windows.

Last but not least, realize that some programs, when maximized, do not scroll properly. It is a technical limitation because of how those programs are designed.

That said, you can grab GiMeSpace from the following links:

Version reviewed: v1.0.4.6 Free Edition

Supported OS: Windows XP and higher

GiMeSpace homepage [download link Free Edition]

[via TechSupportAlert]

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  1. Robert

    I have programmed a way to enable scrolling desktops for windows.
    If you need a scrolling desktop on XP or Windows 7 its no Problem ….
    Try my sollution on

    Some knows about the function of some graphic cards which allow you to have a scrolling desktop,
    this is exactly that what my Tool will do,
    at Problems ask me …

    greetz Xenolux

  2. AlanR

    I am using BOTH two monitors AND virtual desktops simultaneously (usually 2 ~ 4 No. at a time) which can bog down system resources at times, so don’t think this “scrolling” utility will be of any use – it could screw up what already works for me!
    Even with what I have, there are times when I feel the need for a third screen to help collate stuff from the aforementioned set-up; draging ‘n droppin on the go.
    I am seriously considering investing in a huge monitor that can then be operated in multiple window mode to view 2, 4, 6, etc. simultaneously and then zoom between them as necessary. What software might enable me to do this? Currently investigating. :)

  3. roger

    Ashraf, I have to agree with you about the getting lost business. Another problem I found was that on a small screen, laptop or notebook, if you have your windows screen-sized, or nearly so, it can be difficult to fine-tune the scrolling to get the whole window in view at once. I don’t know whether this is a function of the program itself or my laptop buttons being “sticky”, but it makes it too fiddly for me to use I’m afraid.