How to convert any GIF to boot animation in Android [Tip]

When it comes to customizing your Android, you shouldn’t forget to include custom boot animations. Boot animations usually appear right after you turn on (boot/reboot) your device. They’re quite cool and something to look forward to.

Now, what if you want to convert any GIF into a custom boot animation? Is there any way for you to do so? Well, there is. Just remember that this process will require a rooted device. Therefore, you must learn how to root your phone or tablet first.

How to convert any GIF to boot animation in Android

What you’ll need:

  • A rooted Android device

The Steps

  • Prepare the GIF file that you want to use as a custom boot animation. Save it on your computer.
  • Now, click this link to go to “Gif2Boot” – a free web tool that you can use to convert any GIF to boot animation.
  • On Gif2Boot, select the correct screen resolution (screen size) of your device.

convert any GIF to boot animation Android b

  • Next, drag and drop your GIF file. Wait while it processes your request.
  • Once done, you will be asked to download and save the “bootanimation” ZIP archive to your computer.
  • Moving on, you need to transfer the file from your computer to your rooted Android device.
  • After which, you must install the free ES File Explorer app on your Android or any root explorer of your choice.
  • On your root explorer app, go to the system/media directory then rename the “” file to “”. This way, you can still keep a backup of your default boot animation.
  • So what’s next? Simply copy and paste your custom boot animation (the one that you made using Gif2Boot) to the system/media directory.
  • Make sure to change the permission of your file according to the image shown below.

convert any GIF to boot animation Android

  • Do not forget to reboot or restart your device.

So that’s it. You now have a custom boot animation for your Android tablet or phone.

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