How to reorder windows in taskbar in Windows [Tip]

In Windows 7, you can change the window icon positions on the taskbar by dragging them. However, you can’t drag the window tabs in Vista or XP. That is unless you install Taskix, with which you can also reorder the windows on the Windows XP/Vista taskbars.

How to rearrange the windows in the taskbar – Windows XP and Vista

You can add the software to Windows from this page. There click on Taskix32_2.1.msi for 32-bit Windows, or Taskix64_2.1.msi for the 64-bit alternative. That will save the setup wizard which you can then open to add the software to Windows. Then open the Taskix window in the shot below.


Select the Drag tabs option on that window. In addition, you can also select the Change cursor when dragging option. Press the Active button at the bottom of the window.

Now you can drag and reposition windows on the taskbar. Left-click a window and then drag it to the left or right to reorder it. If you selected the Change cursor when dragging option, the cursor will also switch to a left-right arrow as in the shot below.


Taskix also has some other handy options. For example, you can scroll window tabs with the middle mouse wheel. Click the Scroll tabs with mouse wheel check box on the Taskix window, and select Wheel forward scrolls right. Then you can scroll through the taskbar windows from left to right when the cursor is over the taskbar by rolling the mouse wheel.

So those with Windows Vista and XP should find Taskix a handy bit of software. With it you can now reorder taskbar windows much the same as in Windows 7. One Taskix software review stated, “Taskix revolutionizes the way people work with and navigate multiple taskbar tabs – completely easy, fast and customizable.

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