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While not a groundbreaking necessity (unless you are a webmaster, in which case you should really care about how fast your website loads since website speed is factored into Google’s algorithm), it is always fun to know which of your favorite websites loads the quickest. is an open source benchmarking project that allows you to do just that. is a very straightforward website:

  • Enter the URLs of the websites you want to compare and hit “GO”:

  • Wait for both pages to load, and see the results:

After the results of a comparison have been shown, you can rerun the comparison of both websites again (you can rerun it as many times as you want) and will display the average of all the runs; so you can get a more accurate understanding of which website is faster. Or, you can share the test…

…or analyze (the “more” button) why each websites loads as slow/fast as it does:

Other interesting features of include being able to compare the load speeds of a group of websites vs a group of websites (“race”)…

…and being able to easily compare popular websites such as Google vs Bing:

Since loading two websites side-by-side may have the potential for conflict, gives users the ability to load one website first, then the other. This setting can be changed from “Settings”:

The thing to note about is the speed test is totally client based. In other words, tests how fast the websites in question load for you – the speed tests are not done via’s server. This client based methodology has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage, as I already stated, is the speed tests are for you; the numbers reflect a fairly accurate account of how fast the websites in question will load for you. The main disadvantage, then, is the results are not truly accurate. Since the tests are client based, the results will be skewed depending on your geographical distance from the servers of the websites you are testing, your connection speed, etc.

That said, is a fairly fun tool to waste your Saturday afternoon playing around with. You may access from the following link:

Supported browsers: All major browsers homepage

[via Ghacks]

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  • I just compared two of my sites and realize my main site is slower than my other site..
    May be because of lots of scripts I’m using…
    One of the major reason for slowdown is because I was using Facebook recommendation social widget and after I removed it and checked with Pingdom my site become 0.8 sec faster..
    Thanks for  letting us know about this useful tool…

  • lol768

    @Ashraf: It might have been my browser because I can’t reproduce those results anymore either. It’s quite good for getting a general idea of website speeds, and of course it will always vary.
    Thanks for the great articles :)

  • Ashraf

    @Lascannon: If you think you are being cute, you really are not.

  • Lascannon

    It’s not? So there have been other failed post? Well nvm, that’s a stupid question. I forgot that every blog has a failed post. Why wouldn’t it? After all, we all make mistakes once in a while…

  • Ashraf

    @Lascannon: You are welcome!

    @Mags: You are welcome!

    @njwood60: You are welcome!

    @Mohammed Sarhan: No it isn’t – that is how it is supposed to be. This just simulates how websites load for you. Does any website *always* load at the same exact speed for you?

    @lol768: I am afraid I am not able to replicate your findings. Running it under serial mode I often got a “It’s a tie” for about:blank; otherwise only a few MS differences was there but then again this isn’t supposed to be a 100% accurate tool. There is a margin for error.

    @Lascannon: Uh… not really.

    @bill: Yea, for a user’s point of view this is better than other tests.

  • bill

    If it works the way it sounds like it does, it should be good for telling which browser is faster on my own individual computer. Most of those techie tests like “sunspider”  etc. don’t really tell the story for use in the “real world” (and sometimes, those tests and/or their results are manipulated by whatever fanboys happen to be creating or using them.

  • Lascannon

    Whoa… then this could be the first failed post Ashraf has ever written!?

  • lol768

    When trying it on about:blank the results vary from 90% faster on one side to the same speed. This can’t be right – the webserver should use something like php to download the pages instead of relying on the browser’s javascript.
    Changing into serial mode doesn’t make much of a difference.

  • Mohammed Sarhan

    It is fake, Ashraf.
    Try loading same sites again and Ooops the result is different.
    Now try loading the site vs itself and get the surprise.

  • thanks heaps Ashraf. This is an excellent tool!

  • Mags

    Thx for this it will be a very handy tool for me to use.
    Wish you’d had it up sooner, it would have been handy to have last week when making a decision about what background to use for a site I was developing.

  • Lascannon

    Whoa… nice piece of program you got their! Thanks for the review sir…