How to create a Secret Santa gift exchange online [Tip]

Christmas is fast approaching. Only a few days left and it will be a busy time for family gatherings, parties and of course, gift giving. Speaking of gifts, some of you may already have prepared presents. As for those who still haven’t, you might want to consider organizing a Secret Santa gift exchange event.

Apparently, you’ll play as the Secret Santa to someone who you luckily picked to receive a present. Likewise, you’ll also receive a gift from your Secret Santa. The thing is you’ll need to draw names and you can’t really do it if everybody isn’t present.

Well, fortunately, there’s an easier way to draw names. It can be done online so your friends and event participants don’t really need to come over. They can just do it through their computers, smartphones or tablets.

How to create a Secret Santa gift exchange online

  • On your web browser, click here to go to a Secret Santa online generator called “DrawNames”.
  • Once you’re on DrawNames, you’ll be given a form. You need to fill out the form by proving the names and email addresses of the participants of your gift exchange event. You should also make sure to include your name and email address. Since you’re the one creating the event, you will be automatically appointed as the organizer.

Online Secret Santa Generator

  • In order to proceed, you will need to provide at least three participants with valid email addresses.
  • After you’re done, click “Continue” and then set up your exclusions (optional).
  • Click “Write email message” to proceed.

Online Secret Santa Generator b

  • Enter your desired group name as well as the date of your actual gift exchange event. You should also set your preferred time for drawing names as well as the minimum gift budget. Do not forget to include your email message.

Online Secret Santa Generator c

  • Once you’re done, click “Send email invitation”.

Online Secret Santa Generator d

  • Check your email for the invitation link and then click on it.

Online Secret Santa Generator e

  • Once all of your gift exchange participants are done clicking the email invitation link, the names will be automatically drawn from DrawNames’s virtual hat. You’ll then receive another email notification and it will inform you to check the name of your gift recipient.

That’s it. You’re done.

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