How to draw laboratory diagrams online [Tip]

There aren’t that many software packages available that you can set up science diagrams with. As such,  if you need to set up a science presentation check out the Chemix website. That’s an online editor that you can set up science lab equipment diagrams with.

Open the Chemix page, and click the Launch button to run the editor in the shot below. That includes a toolbar from which you can select a variety of science apparatus to add to the diagram. There click an apparatus to add it to the diagram.


For example, a table would probably be the best thing to add to the diagram first! Click Other Tools on the toolbar and select Table. That will add a table to the diagram as shown below.


Then you can place a variety of science apparatus on that table. Left-click the apparatus and drag them into position on the diagram. To remove something from the diagram, drag it to the bin icon at the bottom right of the window.


The editor has a few options that you can edit the apparatus with. They are as follows:

  • Set liquid level – Ctrl + Click item
  • Change liquid – Ctrl + Alt + Click item
  • Rotate – Alt + Click > drag

In addition, you can also zoom in and out of the diagram. Press Ctrl + Click and drag mouse to zoom in and out. To pan left and right, press Shift + Click and drag mouse.

To save a diagram, click SAVE AS IMAGE. Then you can save the diagram as a JPEG image. As such, it can then be opened in any image-editor software.

So with this editor you can now draw diagrams of common laboratory equipment. As such, those in the science industry might find Chemix handy for presentations.

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