How to root Sony Xperia Z3 Compact in Android 4.4 KitKat [Guide]

Xperia-Z3-CompactThe Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is the smaller sister phone to the flagship full-size Z3 which is one of the most popular phones in the world. Smaller in size usually means less specs and less money over the counter when paying for the device. Both of those instances are important when it comes to gaining root access. Opening up the system internals means we can install extra apps that help us boost the performance by removing the bloatware from carrier networks, as well as boost CPU and GPU performance. Furthermore, because it cheaper means we don’t come out with as great a loss if we coming across any problems. So what’s not to like about following the guide below?


  • There are several version of the Z3. The following only applies for the Compact variant; it’s smaller and cheaper like I said before.
  • The Compact is currently running Android 4.4.X KitKat out of the box. That means the guide works on KitKat. We do not recommend trying this guide in future if you device is running Android 5.0 Lollipop or above.


  • You must install Android SDK with ADB and fastboot. We are using fastboot during the guide.
  • The following does void the warranty on the device. You can anytime gain the same warranty back again by returning the device back to stock Android plus the bloatware.
  • Flash official software updates manually and remove the root access. otherwise you can install third-party apps from Google Play which remove the root access for you. be warned; the apps way out comes at a cost.
  • Install the latest USB Drivers for the Xperia device from the official Sony website. Likewise, you’ll find the same drivers available from some third-party links.
  • Enable USB Debugging Mode from the Developer Options menu.


  1. Download the fastboot.
  2. Download CWM-based recovery here.
  3. Download the SuperSU here.
  4. Extract the files from fast boot to the desktop of the computer
  5. Hold the Volume Up bottom on the phone whilst connecting to the computer with the USB cable.
  6. That will make your device boot in fastboot mode.
  7. Open the fastboot folder on the computer and right-click the mouse on a white space and hold down the Shift key.
  8. Open the Command prompt windows ready for typing some commands.
  9. Type “fastboot flash boot boot.img” and press enter.
  10. Type “fastboot reboot.”
  11. Wait for the device to reboot.
  12. Now you have flashed the ClockworkMod recovery on your device.
  13. Copy the SuperSU zip file over to the internal SD card.
  14. Unplug the phone from the computer and turn it off.
  15. Hold down the Power + Volume Up and boot in fastboot mode.
  16. Navigate to the recovery option from the menu.
  17. Choose “install zip from SD card”
  18. Choose “choose zip from SD card”
  19. Find the SuperSU zip file and upload the same.
  20. Wait for the flashing to complete.
  21. Reboot the phone in normal mode.

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