How to add spreadsheet functions to website tables in Chrome [Tip]

A multitude of website pages include statistical tables. They will show you some recorded stats and figures, and perhaps include averages and totals from the table. However, you can add your own functions to a website table with the Totalizer extension for Google Chrome.

Click here to open the Totalizer extension page. Then press the + Free button to add this extension to Google Chrome. After adding the extension to the browser, you’ll find an Enable Totalizer button on the Chrome toolbar as shown in the shot below.


Next, open a Web page with a table on it such as this one. When you press the Enable Totalizer button, moving the cursor over a table column will highlight the cell borders as shown in the shot below. That shows you the cells you’ve selected with the extension.


Now right-click to open the menu in the shot below. That menu includes various functions for you to select from such as Sum, Average, Min, etc. For example, you could select Sum to add up all the cell values. The extension adds a cell at the bottom of the column showing you the overall total.


In addition, you can also select more specific cells from a column. Select a column from the table, and right-click a cell in the column to open the menu. Then click the Exclude Cell option from the context menu to remove the cell from the selected column as below. Remove cells from the column, and then select a function for the remaining selected cells.


With this extension you can now add a whole new set of functions to a table on a website. So if you ever need to apply extra functions to a website table, you won’t need to open the calculator in Windows.

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