[Review] AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe

{rw_text}Software reviewed in this article:

AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe

Version reviewed:

v1.34 Build 212

Software description as per the developer:

AllMyNotes Organizer is a personal information manager for Windows. Store all your Notes and Diary in virtual folders in  securely encrypted file!

Everyone is unique so AllMyNotes Organizer offers freedom to keep your memos in totally customizable tree structure.

All Notes stored in a single AllMyNotes Organizer file and can be grouped into flexible virtual folders enabling easy, intuitive access, and instant search at all times.

Supported OS:

Windows 2000 and higher


$34 (USD)

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  • Straightforward and easy to use.
  • Works off a hierarchical tree system, with notes being categorized in folders and folders having the ability to have subfolders.
    • Folders and notes in the tree can be customized by changing font color, icon, “status”, etc.
  • Has a clever “browser”, displaying folders and notes in a GUI fashion for easy preview and navigation.
  • Notes are in rich text, with users being able to format text (change color, size, type, bold, italicize, underline, use bullets, etc.), attach files, and embed images.
  • Notes can be marked as “Read-Only” to help prevent accidental changes.
  • Has handy “stamp date” and “stamp time” buttons allowing for easy insertions of current date and time into notes.
  • Has the ability to search folders/notes/content of notes, and filter folders/notes by search queries.
  • Has the ability to automatically create notes from the content stored in Windows Clipboard.
  • Has the ability to auto-save notes and auto-backup the whole database.
  • Has a recycle bin for recovery of folders/notes after they have been deleted.
  • Encrypts database and gives users the ability to password protect.
  • Users can import notes (from .TXT, .RTF, and .KNT) and export notes/whole folders (to .TXT, .RTF, .HTML).
  • Has a portable version.

{/rw_good} –>


  • Lacks a spell-checker (Developer plans on adding a spell-checker in v2, which is currently in Beta).
  • Lacks the ability to do ordered list (number text as opposed to bullet text) in notes.
  • Users are unable to embed PNG images.
  • No “back” and “forward” buttons for easy transitions when browsing notes/folders.
  • Lacks the ability to “undo” or “redo” any changes made to the hierarchical tree (undo and redo are supported to changes made to notes’ content though).
  • Program window needs more definitive borders and a more eye-friendly color scheme.
  • No easy way to share notes with others (Developer plans on adding note sharing capabilities in v2, which is currently in Beta).
  • Notes cannot be multi-categorized (i.e. one note cannot be categorized under two different, unrelated folders).
  • The “Find” feature needs to be tweaked to allow for easier searching for content within a single note.

{/rw_bad} –>

{for=”Ease of Use” value=”9″}AllMyNotes Organizer is very easy to use. However, the lack of strong, definitive borders around the program window and poor selection of color theme for both available skins makes the program window not-so-eye-friendly.
{for=”Performance” value=”7″}In general, AllMyNotes Organizer performs very well for what it does. However, it lacks some important features such as spell-checker, the ability to number text, the ability to embed PNG images, “back” and “forward” capabilities while browsing folders/notes, easy way to share notes, and ability to multi-categorize notes.
{for=”Usefulness” value=”6″}Many people will find this program useful, but many won’t find it useful.
{for=”Price” value=”6″}$34 is a bit much for this program. Yes, I understand the developer provides a Free edition in addition to this Deluxe edition. However, even with that taken into consideration, AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe lacks too many features and really doesn’t offer much, if any, functionality other note programs do not have. $20 is more fair, in my humble opinion.
{for=”Final Score” value=”7″}
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AllMyNotes Organizer is, well, an advanced note taking program. Described as being a “personal information manager”, one can think of AllMyNotes Organizer as a program that takes Wordpad files (note I said Wordpad not Notepad because AllMyNotes Organizer supports rich text) and combines them into one program, adding features such as a hierarchical tree and organization system, ability to search, password protect, etc. That is not to say AllMyNotes Organizer is a bad, simplistic program – a rip off – but rather that is just an analogy so one can get a very general idea of what AllMyNotes Organizer does.

That said, when you first run AllMyNotes Organizer – henceforth refereed to as AMNO because I don’t want to repeatedly type the whole name out – you are prompted with the “QuickStart Wizard”:

The two primary tasks accomplished the the Quick Start Wizard is 1) allowing users to change the language of the program and 2) allowing users to have AMNO automatically create some folders/notes. I highly recommend taking advantage of AMNO’s ability to create folders/notes for you because it really helps one get started with the program if there is an existing folder/notes tree. Plus, it is extremely easy to delete folders/notes so if at a later date you decide you don’t want those folders/notes, you can easily delete them. (Alternatively, you can always run this Quick Start Wizard at a later date – via “Help” -> “Quick Start Wizard” – if you decide you made a mistake by not having AMNO create folders/notes for you.)

Here is the main program window for AMNO:

Before we delve into the features of AMNO, allow me to comment on the interface. The interface is nicely organized, and is easy to use, but the color scheme is an eye-sore: One base color is used – light blue – and different shades of that color is used for all aspects of the interface. This wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that the font is a shade of light blue too. The developer could have used dark blue for the font, at least. The other skin (AMNO currently comes with two skins only) is a similar way, but with gray:

The gray skin is actually a bit better because the font is a black/blackish color which shows up not-too-badly on the light gray background.

Now, the problem with the color schemes wouldn’t be so bad if this was a once-in-a-while-usage program. However, AMNO is the type of program that (potentially) is used multiple times a day. While the color schemes don’t make the program “hard” to see, this undue eye strain in my opinion.

Furthermore, AMNO’s program window does not have the normal Windows borders  surrounding it. Rather, it has a very thin border around the program window. If running the program fully maximized this is no problem. However, when running the program not fully maximized, the lack of definitive borders (i.e. the normal Windows borders most other windows have) makes it hard sometimes to visually isolate the program from any windows/content present behind AMNO’s window (especially if the content is the same color as AMNO’s window). This can be disorienting (at least I find it disorienting… I don’t know about everyone else).

Okay, enough about the interface… lets talk features. AMNO works by creating a hierarchical tree of folders and notes, similar to how files are put in folders in Windows:

Users are allowed to create as many folders, sub-folders, and notes as desire. The notes can be placed in any folder, at any hierarchy (i.e. in the main folder, category folder, sub-category folder, etc.). Notes/folders can be dragged around in the hierarchical tree if you want to move them around/re-categorize. Left-clicking on a folder/note takes you to that folder or note.

Right-clicking on a folder in the tree (be sure to right-click on the arrow or the folder name – not the icon) allows users to customize how it looks in the tree, change its “status”, delete it, etc.:





Right-click on a note in the tree allows you to do the exact same thing as right-click on a folder with one addition: Notes can be set as “Read-Only” where as folders cannot.

Users can, of course, navigate folders and notes via the tree menu. However, AMNO has the ability to navigate via the Windows Explorer-like browser also:

Similar to how Windows displays folders and files, AMNO displays folders and notes. Double clicking on a note opens that note (allowing users to view/edit the note); double clicking on a folder opens that folder (and shows the notes/folders inside it). Right-clicking on a note/folder allows you to cut, copy, paste, delete, print and get “item info”; additionally you can export a note (as .TXT, .RTF, or .HTML) via right-click. Folders cannot be exported via right-click but single-left clicking a folder and going to “File” -> “Export” allows you to export folders (as .TXT, .RTF, or .HTML).

Unfortunately whereas Windows has “back” and “forward” buttons to make it easy to navigate between folders, AMNO has no such thing. With AMNO, users constantly have to refer back to the tree navigation to go back to a previous folder.

In terms of notes, AMNO uses a rich text editor allowing users to add text, images, and attach files:

Text can be fully formatted (color, size, format, type, alignment, etc.). Unordered list (bullets) can be used for text, but there is no feature for an ordered list (number list) cannot. Any type of file can be attached to notes; double clicking on an attached file opens the file (the default program for that type of file is used – AMNO does not open it natively). Images can be embedded; JPG/JPEG, GIF, and BMP formats can be embedded only – PNG cannot be embedded, although you can attach a PNG image as a file. The current date and time can be inserted with a click of two buttons. After editing a note, you can either hit the save button (the floppy disk) from the button toolbar  or navigate to a different note/folder in which case all changes to the note are automatically saved.

Within a note, AMNO has the ability to “Find” text (similar to how you can search a website in Firefox/Internet Explorer/Chrome/Opera with Ctrl + F):

The only problem is once AMNO finds the specified text, the “Find” box closes (i.e. you searched for “Monday” in an article that has “Monday” in it in multiple times, AMNO finds the first “Monday” then closes) ; if AMNO did not find the desired text you need to use the “Find” box again (i.e. AMNO will find the second “Monday” this time, etc.). I hope in future versions, the developer makes “Find” similar to how it works in Firefox.

Other features of AMNO are:

  • The ability to perform a “global search” of notes and folders:

Global search searches the name of folders and the content of notes. Boolean search is supported, and search results are displayed in a live manner (i.e. search results show up as you type).

  • The ability to filter folders/notes by the global search query:

In other words, you can display only the global search results in the tree menu.

  • By default AMNO encrypts the database that stores your notes; if anyone was to steal the database they would not be able to view it, unless they loaded it into AMNO first. In addition to this encryption, users can password protect the database, so even if someone stole the database and had AMNO installed to open the database, they would not be able to do so without the password (“File” -> “File Info”):

  • Deleted notes and folders go to the recycle bin, from where they can be recovered from if desired:

  • AMNO has the ability to automatically create a note from Windows Clipboard data (i.e. stuff you have cut or copied). To do this, right-click on AMNO’s system tray icon and select “Paste”.
  • Here are the options for the program (“Tools” -> “Options”):

The three most noteworthy options to look at are “Defaults” (allows users to change the default settings for the text editor used in notes), “Toolbar” (allows users to customize the buttons present on the button toolbar at the top of the main program window), and “Backup” (allows users to customize the auto-save and auto-backup features).

Aside from the cons I already mentioned above, here are the few things I found wrong with AMNO:

  • AMNO has no built-in spell-checker. This is very annoying, especially since 95% of all text editing programs have spell checker now. Fortunately, the developer of AMNO is adding spell-check in v2, which is in Beta right now.
  • Currently, there is no easy way to share notes. The developer recommends using Dropbox to share note databases, which is a less than eligible solution to the problem. Fortunately, the developer of AMNO is adding note sharing features in v2, which is in Beta right now.
  • Notes cannot be multi-categorized. In other words, if I have two category folders of “Work” and “Home” (assume they are two separate category folders – one is not a subfolder of another) and I have a note that is applicable to “Work” and “Home”, I am only allowed to place the note under “Work” or under “Home” – not both. I would like the developer to add the ability to categorize the same note under different categories; referencing notes would be a lot easier with multi-categorization.

This review was conducted on a laptop running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. The specs of the laptop are as follows: 3GB of RAM, a Radeon HD 2600 512MB graphics card, and an Intel T8300 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor.



A free, lightweight and user-friendly personal notes manager

CintaNotes is your essential assistant in the daily task of organizing information, such as your own thoughts and ideas, article excerpts, blog postings, quotes from famous people, research data, curious facts, Wikipedia entries, you name it.


FruitfulTime Notekeeper

* Keep your ideas, thoughts, and research in one handy store.
* Never forget an idea.
* Search through all your notes quickly and find things easily.
* Liven up your notes with fonts, colors, pictures and photos.
* Categorize notes visually with bright colors.
* Group your notes with keywords.
* Keep your active notes uncluttered by archiving old notes.
* Create a template based note with a click by cloning any template note you create.
* Keep references handy by adding file and website links.
* Protect your sensitive notes if required by specifying a password.
* Access your notes anywhere by installing on a USB pen drive.
* Never lose important information as all notes are saved automatically.


AllMyNotes Organizer Free

AllMyNotes Organizer has a Free edition. Learn the differences between Free and Deluxe here.

{/rw_freea} –>

{rw_verdict2}For being the new kid on the block, AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe does a fairly good job of stepping up to the plate and justifying its existence. In other words, AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe is a good program. However, in my opinion, AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe still needs a bit more development – needs a few features added – before I can officially recommend this program; plus the developer should rethink the price tag of $35. That said, though, looking at the developer’s development plans for this program, I can see AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe has the potential to turn into one of the best notes programs out there. Keep an eye on this one.
{/rw_verdict2} –>

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  • Rob (Down Under)

    Perhaps you can help me, and some other users of that program TreeDBNotes FREE.
    If you go to the forum, the top post, has a few users (and me) asking the question –
    How to Register the Free version to get the extra features, shown in the middle column of the comparison chart.
    That Question has been repeated for over a year, and the moderator either does not understand the question, or is avoiding the answer.

  • Mike

    @RobCr: Thanks for the info. on the URL gathering program.  I had the feeling that the Flashnote people would not be very positive–it seems that they want to keep the program limited (maybe it’s the coding limitations?). 
    I have so many programs loaded into memory as is that I’d like to limit what I might be adding, and so will look at the program you found as an alternative.  Thanks for finding it!

  • RobCr

    I have found a program that meets my criteria perfectly.
    Google for  url gather
    It is simple like Flashnote, and is very similar. (And does not require installation.)
    I will still keep Flashnote for my ToDo’s etc, but will move my ToDo Bookmarks into URL Gather.
    I am now a happy camper.

  • RobCr

    I prefer my solution to be offline and as simple as possible, thus not reliant on browser (and extension) versions, etc.
    I have read the FF page, and the author’s page, and many of the user’s comments.
    It is a bit hard (for me) to work out what and how it is doing it.
    I guess it is saving(and managing) the ‘bookmark’ in it’s own fashion.
    The one click, and you can read offline, suggests to me, that it is saving the complete web pages, somewhere/somehow. I already do that for the pages I have had time to read, and have DECIDED TO KEEP. I have Folders for broad categories, and then more specific sub folders, where I can save the web pages as single .MHT files.
    Most of the users seem to love it, but I will wait till Ashraf reviews it (so I can get the details about how, what and where it is does things).
    But thanks for the ‘heads up’.

    PS Mike,
    The author got back to me, and will NOT be building in the ‘Launching’ ability.
    Should we enhance Capslock Warning,
    Find a nice simple offline, standalone, bookmark program ?

  • @RobCr:
    You tried Read it Later ? One click solution

  • RobCr

    @Mike: I have been analyzing off and on for the last 30 minutes, as to what I could do to facilitate the opening of a Bookmark from Flashnote (on the assumption, that they do not change their program for us).
    Here is what I am leaning towards –
    Have you downloaded my program Capslock Warning from Ashraf’s site ?
    If you have it running all the time, as I do, I may be able to tweak it a bit, to do what we want.
    One possible way of doing it would be to have a ‘Hot Key’ that executes whatever is in the clipboard.
    There is an API call that I can use called ShellExecute, which will run whatever is in the Clipboard. EG –
    A URL would be sent  to your default browser (FF would pop up and open it in a new Tab).
    An email address, would open up a new email in your email program.
    Some known Windows programs can be fired up with just Notepad, Word, Excel, etc.
    So the scenario would be –
    Double click the URL (or swipe it), in Flashnote.
    Press the Hot Key
    And Bob’s your uncle.
    What do you think ?
    Any suggestion for the Hot Key, that would not conflict with existing known keys ?
    I won’t paste a link here, as that triggers moderation on this site.
    So here is a search string that should bring up a MS page as the number one hit –
    List of the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Windows XP
    (We of course want to choose one, that is not on that list)
    PS If there are any programmers reading this, they may suspect that I got my Shell and my Shellexecute mixed up, when I said it can run say Notepad. But I am sure I can handle both, with some coding.
    That raises the possibility that we could build in some special commands.
    Say a large proportion of us have some tedious task, that I could so some coding to handle.
    We could all agree on some characters that would execute the code. EG cl??? We could always prefix the command with cl and then have a few characters or numbers after the cl

  • @RobCr: You and I have the same bad habit–I’d hate to tell you how many windows and tabs I have open right now.  And I’ve been thinking to use Flashnote exactly as you describe.  Nice thought there as to an improvement for links–it will be interesting to see if the Flashnote folks are interested in adding a further feature.
    I like the fact that all my notes store away in one handy location, rather than in Stickies all over my desktop (of course, I still have that as well!).

  • RobCr

    I am growing to love it.
    EG I have this habit of leaving web pages open in Tabs, for things I wish to follow up later. It is a nasty bad habit, that I had as much chance of giving up, as smoking (which took me years to completely give up).
    I have created a Note called FU Bookmarks, as in Follow Up.
    I no doubt will think of other FU groupings later.
    Under that I have PDF, VB, Free Software.
    I have begun copying the URL’s (and sometimes a description line) into say, my PDF Note file. And then deleted those open Tabs.
    If I later have time to do the Follow Up of those, I just swipe the URL, and paste into FF.
    One feature that would be nice, would be the ability to swipe a URL (to select it), then hold down the mouse, and click the selection, and drag it to FF in the Taskbar (which pops up FF), and then continue the drag to drop it into FF’s URL box.
    Flashnote cannot do that at the moment.
    Textboxes (which I presume the developer has used), have a Property(ability) called OLE Drag & Drop, which has to be set or coded. If the programmer does not do that, then no Drag & Drop ability.
    I have written to them, suggesting they ‘switch that on’

    If they don’t, I may have to write one of my own in VB6.

  • @RobCr:  Yep, that’s how it works.  I currently have 23 note pages set up (note that each page can be however long you want it to be)–3 pages with misc. info. I’ve found on the web, 2 pages with recipes I’ve found, one note with addresses and phone numbers, 5 notes of email content that I repeatedly use, 1 note with restaurant info. for places I want to visit, 1 note with book and music info., etc.  
    As I said, the program is limited in its complexity.  But it excels in its ease of use and computer manners. 
    Again, I think the best way to think of it is as an electronic equivalent of a notepad next to your kitchen telephone.  In fact, I’ve changed the background color for my notes to a pale yellow, simulating a small legal pad.  I use it similar to my use of Stickies earlier (which I still use, for quick notes), but as a more permanent place to store notes and reference info., of a longer nature.

  • RobCr

    @Mike: I am giving the portable version of Flashnote a try.
    Are there no ‘Folders’ as such ?
    It appears as if you just create a a list of Notes, and that is the list that appears on the left.
    And in addition, one can create a list of sub Notes under any of those top level Notes.
    Is that your understanding of how it works ?
    Thanks for the ‘Heads up’, I may grow to love it.

  • RobCr

    I went to the Evernote web site. Clicked on 3 different videos, and they were all the same video.
    That ‘Jack and Jill’ video was a superficial, flashy, no substance video.
    It was the same sort of thing that would appeal to Apple users.
    Whilst I am on my soap box, about Apple, Google Chrome suffers the same disease, as Apple.
    And to add insult to injury, I discovered last night that it has been Google Chrome, that has been crashing my PC recently.
    (If you do a search for Google Chrome crashes, you will see that others have been suffering as well.)

  • RobCr

    With that suggestion, you may be opening up Pandora’s Box

  • Grr

    1 more thing. The official version on their site is v1.34, however the giveaway version is v1.35.


  • Grr

    Thanks for the good review Ashraf.

    The developer is currently offering a whooping 15% discount bringing the price down to $28.90 USD. In fact they constantly offer a discount to keep the price below $30 USD.

    In any case I like this product and am grabbing it.

    If anybody wants it much cheaper use the following code to get it for 50% OFF

    The above coupon brings down the prize to $17.00 USD
    {All minor updates and fixes are free, bought version will never expire, major updates will be released approximately once per 6-12 months. If purchase was made 12 months previously to major update, license for next major upgrade will be free for everyone who purchased previous version within 12 month.}


    Special Note: Upgrade to version 2 will be free for all purchased customers, no matter how much time passed since purchase!


  • @Pandora: Unfortunately, I’ve been thinking too widely this summer, and now need to start exercising and dieting in earnest …

  • @Mike:
    Hi dropped by a couple of times today – so apologies if the record is stuck !
    “The hierarchical structure definitely makes this something to check out”
    You have  some a note (about say … s/w; that’s free; that does image manipulation </very simple example> )… which folder / sub-folder does the note go in ?
    software  or freeware  or image manipulation or what ????
    Why not file the note + link +  desc etc.  and tag it ?
    Then you have 1 note and can find any which way !
    Think of photo’s … do you put a pic in the folder for:
    Family – or –
    Kids – or –
    Fatima – or –
    Tristan – or –
    Sportsday …. -or-…
    … or tag them all … and find ’em all ??
    There is one piece of information … it has multiple attributes
    Think wide !

  • Brian

    Good Sir,

    As always, thank you so very much for your succinct analysis of this program. I hope a lot of people appreciate and value your well written reviews as much as I do.

  • Thanks, Ashraf, as always, for the review.  The hierarchical structure definitely makes this something to check out.

    I wanted to pass on another program to the dotTech community, Flashnote.  http://softvoile.com/flashnote/?s=fn&utm_nooverride=1  A “relative” of AllMyNotes, Flashnote sits in your system tray and pops up when you click on it or via a hotkey.  It then shows a hierarchy of your notes on the left, which you can navigate among, with the main part of the screen being space in which to record a note, or a note you already have jotted down. Creating a new note (or “child note”) is a single click (well, actually, 2: you get a pop-up window with an option to name the note or to use a default name, which can be date and time, if you would like).

    The ease of use of the program is amazing–it’s there when you need it and want it with a single button press; is fast–it appears immediately; and it automatically saves what you enter (with a backup as well)–no need to go through a save regime.

    It has limited formatting (universally, font, font color, background color, and word wrap) and is limited to text; and its other options are limited.  But it excels in what it was designed for:  a fast place to drop notes when you are using your computer, for storage or use elsewhere.  It’s like the notepad you keep by your kitchen or office phone.  And I must admit, I also use it for storage of reference material (addresses/telephone numbers, recipes, web addresses, to-do lists, and other text (sometimes complete emails)) that I often use.

    Highly recommended.  And, oh, it’s freeware, and is upgraded periodically.


  • Sunny

    Very grateful to you Ashraf for pointing out the font and design flaws of the GUI. After a bad accident to eyes last year they now see poorly and anything other than real-black font colour (and the ability to enlarge it) is a no-no for me. Also the borderless window. Not good. Think I’ll pass on this one and try some of the other offerings mentioned here. Thanks all.

  • I just found Webnotes.
    I think it is what I need, it looks awesome!
    No more pasting into Word!
    Has anybody else tried it?

  • Aleksandra

    Here is my favorite one. I use it last couple years. TreeDBNotes Free:

  • Sputnik

    Thank you Slavka for the link to Keynote NF because I didn’t know that the development of this software has been taken back by someone else.
    I used to work with Keynote a couple of years ago and found it to be one of the best of its kind but its development was over, so I bought a commercial version of a similar product.
    I think that Keynote NF should easily satisfy about anybody.
    There is another “note” software I use which I like very much for its simplicity : it is callen Memento and the address is :

  • ande

    Many thanks for the review.  I was going to jump on this and now I’m going to pass.
    Your opinion is not necessarily humble (IMHO vs. IMNSHO) In my opinion, but is worth much more than the product blurb.

  • @Kabez:
    Hi good to see another Evernote fan out there
    I was initial non-plused by not having sub folders – but then started using tags – alot (about the same time I really started sorting out my photographs (1 picture  multiple catagories)
    So now I only have a few broard folders and lots of views of the notes
    Some folders I keep local some I sync to web (for remote access)

    Small bits of online info I will clip to a note
    Also use scrapbook, Now ScapBook plus (FF addon https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8186/) to store and organise pages or bits of sites – saves alot of 404s

  • Slavka

    here is another good one – Keynote NF

  • Ashraf, Pandora
    I use Evernote a lot, particularly for its web clipping ability.
    These are problems for me with Evernote:
    No subfolders
    Only one Evernote file/account can be opened at once.
    (I understand that you can do more than one on Mac with a util.)
    Asraf, have you reviewed any other Note-taking software, eg Leader Task which you use?
    I keep most of my notes of stuff off the web, mostly text and url’s, in Word files.
    It’s pretty crude, but simple, with separate files for each subject, then different Windows folders to group them.
    I mostly drag and drop stuff into Word.
    Can you drag and drop with other note-taking stuff?
    Can anyone suggest a better way of doing what I want?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Also posted to GOTD
    There is also Evernote http://www.evernote.com/
    Free and premium versions
    – desktop and web based
    – can synch between desktops
    – mutiple tags per note
    Probably not as many bells and whistles – but KISS works for me
    Flat folder structure (no subfolders)
    Plugins make content capture straight forward

  • RobCr

    I asked the developer what Programming Language he used.
    I am sometimes wary of installing things that may contribute to DLL Hell in my PC (the one where I develop VB6 programs).
    I am impressed with the answer I just got back-
    Visual C++. No dependencies on third-party libruaries, all is done by ourself – skins, highly performant and secure database engine, and everything else.

  • roger

    I keep trying different note organizers but, so far, haven’t found the one that suits. This certainly looks worth a trial at least. Thanks Ashraf.

  • Peter C1

    I tend to make many text file notes during a days PC use including making a copy of the URL’s (& Tabs) I go to, so the ability to have a single program that allows me to keep ”hierarchical tree system, with notes being categorized in folders and folders” and allows me to keep all of the notes & files I make inside one main folder, as being a very useful program indeed.

    I have also read the review in relation too the current GOTD offering and found it very useful, but I do have one question

    Q. Is AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe program the only (Freeware or Share or Paid) Notetaker type program that allows the user to: Password Protect AND also Encrypt a file?

    If it is then I’ll even buy the discounted Lifetime license

  • RobCr

    @phoenix_rising: My brain is a bit drained at the moment.
    Is this a review of Shareware, which we are not getting free ?
    My question is prompted (more prompted than it was), by your (phoenix_rising) post which suggests that you are upgrading for free ?

    PS I just got my GOTD email, which is for this product, so that answers my question.
    Which leads to my next question –
    Doesn’t Ashraf’s review normally mention that it is GOTD ? (Or, is that my drained brain missing it ?)

  • delavictiore

    Thanks bro, I repeat Flashorn

  • phoenix_rising

    Thanks for the review, Ashraf. I’ve been using the free version for a few months now, and I agree that it is one to keep an eye on. I’m happy to be able to upgrade today to the Deluxe version.

  • Flashorn

    Thanks for this thorough evaluation. Again, your Humble opinion is more than enough for me. Really miss you when you’re on leave.