How to text the Apple Logo in a message from iOS keyboard in iPhone/iPad [Tip]

iPhone 6 PlusIf you are using an Apple iPhone or iPad and aren’t texting messages by the year 2015, I highly recommend you give it a go. Using any instant messenger or text message as communication can come with it’s own set of issues, though. One of the main ones is not fully understanding what tone someone is speaking. The Apple developers, as well as other developers from different mobile platform, have developed a set of faces known as emoji to counteract that issue so it’s not all just text you are looking at. As time goes on, we are finding more and more emoji faces and symbols to use in our text messages we share with family and friends. You might remember the birth of black and other color emoji away from the usual yellow which sparked some racial controversy. Well, now there is a new symbol that many Apple fan boys will surely enjoy which is inserting the Apple logo you normally find when the device is booting up, or on the back casing of all fruit company devices.

If you can think of a need you might want to see that coming up in your text messages so you can share the logo, we’ll show you how to do that below:


1. You need to have a Mac computer as well as the iPhone or iPad to make this trick work. Furthermore, you want to have the Mail app which comes by default.

2. You will also need to of course have your iOS device (iPad or iPhone) to compete the guide, so keep that handy.


1. Launch the mailing app on the Mac computer and start a new email.

2. Hold down the ‘Option’, ‘Shift’, and ‘K’ buttons and the Apple logo symbol will pop up in the email.

3. Give the email a name and send the email to your own account that’s used for your iPhone or iPad.

Tip: Use the Helvetica font for best results. Not all fonts are supported for the logo appearing.

4. Unlock the passode and open the iOS device of your choice you want to start using the new logo.

5. Open the email and copy the symbol using the usual copy and paste option on the display.

6. Launch the Settings app.

7. Navigate to Settings > General > keyboard > Shortcuts to create a new shortcut.

8. Select the + symbol in blue at the top right corner of the display.

9. Paste the Apple logo you copied earlier in the “phrases” field.

10. Now give the logo a short code so it appears when you type that word. For example, using “AppleLogo” here will mean the logo appears when you type that.

10. Tap the ‘Save” option in the top corner once again.

That’s it! Now when you use that command of your choice it will bring up the logo you want to use in a message to your recipients. Cheers!

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