How to save tab groups as HTML files in Firefox [Tip]

Another post covered how to save and restore Firefox browsing sessions. That effectively saves a group of open page tabs. You can also save a group of Firefox tabs as an HTML file with the Tab Set Saver add-on.

Open this page to install Tab Set Saver. Then open a group of tabs in the browser to save. Click the Tools menu that will now include a Tab Set Saver option.

Tab group

Click that option to open the window in the shot below. There you can enter a title for the group of tabs in the text box. Press Save to save all the tabs open in the browser.

Tab group2

You can also modify the saved tabs. Press the Modify set button to open the window below. Click on tabs listed in that window to remove them from the saved group.

Tab group3

Select File > Open to open the saved tab group. Select the saved HTML file to open the tabs as below. That opens a Tab Set tab which includes thumbnails of the tabs. You can open the tabs by clicking on the thumbnails. Alternatively, press the Open all button to open the group of tabs.

Tab group4

To select further Tab Set Saver settings, click Open menu > Add-ons. Press the Tab Set Saver Options button to open window below. There you can customize the fonts, page layouts, thumbnails, etc.

Tab group5

With Tab Set Saver you can now save a variety of your favorite websites in tab groups. In that respect, the add-on gives you an alternative way to bookmark websites and save browsing sessions.

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1 comment

  1. RobCr

    I used to be one of the worst offenders for keeping tons of Tabs open.
    Over the last months, I have learned to use the inbuilt FF Bookmarks manager, to cure my bad habit (too many Tabs).
    I was an Analyst in large IT companies for 20 years.
    I doubt that I could create a better solution than what FF has built in, no matter how much resources I were allocated.
    I don’t think that there are pressing advantages to using the add-in you have reviewed.
    Especially as there is the chance that it may not be reliable through future FF releases.
    ‘KISS’ tells me to use the inbuilt bookmarks instead.

    Just sayin,