How to rewrite sentences or paragraphs online [Tip]

Rewriting sentences and paragraphs can be done manually but what if you have a lot of posts or articles that you need to rewrite? If you’re already running out of time, then you can make use of an online rewriting tool such as “Rewordify”. It can easily rewrite any English text and even an entire web page or site.

If you want to learn more about it, just read the rest of this post.

How to rewrite sentences or paragraphs online

  • Go to the “Rewordify” site. The good thing about this site is that you’re not required to log in or register. You can easily rewrite any English text as a guest user.
  • Now, go ahead and paste the English text that you want to rewrite on the field provided.

Rewordify online

  • If you want to rewrite the text from a particular web page or post, just copy and paste the post’s full URL on the field provided.
  • Click “Rewordify text” to confirm.
  • Wait for a few seconds and on the next page, you will be able to see the revised version of your text. Do note that the “rewordified” words and phrases will be highlighted. If you click or place your mouse cursor on the alternate words, you’ll be able to see the original text.

Rewordify online b

  • The same goes for those web pages that you’ve chosen to rewordify.
  • That’s not all. You can also choose to print the rewritten version of your text. It’s really that simple. Just keep in mind that this tool only supports English texts.

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  1. Angelika Vinnichenko

    Thank you for this article! Some helpful information with tips for rewriting the paragraphs are very difficult to find online and finally they are written here. And I would like to add the information about one of the website that rewrites paragraphs, because it is also very useful to use. And also I would like to add that mainly this service will be useful for students or journalists or writers or whoever else who works with texts very often and needs to avoid some plagiarism in their sentences and paragraphs. And if everyone will follow these advise, we will have texts of the highest quality.

  2. beergas

    Thanks, nice site. Fast & clean. Demos & tutorials for the little bits like how site will read a word
    as well as give description. Nifty tool esp for ESL or dim techies as well as checking your own work.