How to root LG G3 D855 and install TWRP on Lollipop [Guide]

int-lg-g3-root-twrpIf you are looking to root your LG G3 D855 with a One-click solution, we finally have one available thanks to Auto Rec — a new application that’s available from Google Play. In just a few short steps you’ll easily have the system internals unchained so you can start installing root-only apps. Furthermore, you can install TWRP recovery from the same app with just one more tap of the button! here’s how:


  • You want the International LG G3 with the model number D855 to use this guide. You can check the model number of yours by navigating to the Settings > About Device on the smartphone menu.
  • The application is designed to work with Android Lollipop. It won’t matter which version of Lollipop from Android 5.0 through to Android 5.1 Lollipop.


  • We recommend backing up the G3 since this is a new root method without much testing. That doesn’t mean this is not a reliable method. Everyone shouldn’t have any issues.
  • You can backup the data using the built-in backup features for storing the phone contacts and media. You might want to check out some application over at Google Play for storing the other data.
  • Download the LG USB Drivers on the Windows PC to follow this guide.
  • Even though we are using an app, you are still voiding the warranty. Do not follow the guide if you want to be able to send it away for free repairs.


  1. Download the LG_One_Click_Root_v1.3.msi file direct to the desktop on the Windows PC.
  2. Extract the file and run the rooting script.bat file found inside.
  3. Now you’ll get a set of easy instructions to follow. Once done, you have the root access.
  4. Enable Unknown Sources on your LG G3 smartphone by turning it on and tapping Settings > Security > and checking the box for Unknown Sources.
  5. Download the Auto-rec app from Google Play here directly to the LG smartphone.
  6. You’ll now have the app available from the usual app drawer, tap it to open.
  7. The app takes some backups after you open it so wait until they finish.
  8. Now you can tap the button to flash the TWRP Recovery.

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