Run tasks (restart/shutdown computer, run a program, play audio sound, etc.) automatically based on a schedule with TimeComX

Marxio Timer, a program that allows users to automate tasks, has been discussed on dotTech in the past.Although not as powerful as Marxio Timer, TimeComX is another automation tool that allows users to run a select amount of tasks automatically based on a schedule:

TimeComX allow users to automate any one of eight tasks…

NOTE: “Run File” can be any file; i.e. a simple file like a DOC, or a program.

…based on any one of four different types of events:

Although TimeComeX only allows users to define one task at a time, you are allowed to run multiple instances of TimeComX if you want to schedule multiple different taks.

Two other things to note about TimeComX:

  • TimeComX can be password protected.
  • Although it comes as an installer, TimeComX is designed to be portable. Therefore, you can either install TimeComX onto a USB/flash drive if you wish, or after you install TimeComX on your computer you can manually put all the necessary files onto a USB/flash drive.

While the developer of Marxio Timer is busy throwing hissy-fits about not receiving donations/funding for his freeware projects, Bitdreamers – the developer of TimeComX – is providing us with a basic, but useful, automation tool. (I am not against asking for donations/funding for freeware projects; in fact I encourage it. Heck, I say even if one has to start charging for his/her free services, then so be it – no one is forced to provide free programs for their whole life, and we are all grateful of any such free services anyone provides. However, I am against throwing tantrums trying to force users to donate/support you financially if you do not receive the amount of funding you desire. If you want a steady revenue stream, don’t develop freeware. If you want to develop freeware, stop acting like a little baby when you don’t get the money you desire.) You may grab TimeComX from the following links:

Version reviewed: v1.2.3.23

Supported OS: Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008/Win7

Download size: 3.3 MB

TimeComX homepage [direct download]

[via Lifehacker]

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  • Sunny

    Nice one Sabine, and appreciated the link too.
    Agree totally with you that it’s all downhill from here and the heydays are over for the masses. As I see it, wealth will continue to be accrued exponentially by those at the top, the poor will sink even further into the mud, and the middle classes (economically speaking) will find the going gets ever tougher. New wars may well erupt over water and other precious resources, and there’ll be plenty more natural disasters trimming populations but I doubt the trimming will be significant. The solution of cutting world population is a pipe-dream. No one’s listening, sadly. For many it will be a case of making the best of what they’ve got and learning to share and support those around them, an attribute which has long since withered in the cut-throat rush for personal gain and profit. The Me-Me-Me philosophy will have to give way to an inclusive We- We-We one if the current world population is to survive at a level above misery. What are the chances of this transformation happening? Probably zilch. We know that population increase leads to more aggression, more competitiveness over dwindling resources and more intensive ‘survival behaviour’, all at the expense of others.
    Oh dear what a doomsday prophet I am today. Sorry!
    BTW, your creative idea on helping developers and obtaining free software for ourselves is good. Pity some of these inventive ideas don’t get implemented on the web. I’d personally be quite happy to wade through some ads to get to the goods. Rather better than putting up with adware or nagware whenever I open a ‘free’ program.
    Cheers, everyone!

  • There is a powerful alternative that I am using and can highly recommend: Z-Cron. Z-Cron is a scheduler that comes with I don’t know how many predefined tasks (shutdown, start program, close program, play sound, alarm, empty trash, virus scan, start/stop mysql etc. etc. It can be run as a service. The free version is restricted to “only” 10 tasks at the same time and doesn’t allow the automatical start/stop of any services (though you can circumvent that by simply creating a small batch file for start/stop a service and letting Z-Cron opening the file) and to personal use.
    It doesn’t use much resources (20 mb RAM on my PC).

    I have my whole backup strategy based on Z-Cron and so I have never again to think about backup as its all fully automated (daily registry backup with Erunt, weekly Thunderbird- and Firefox profiles backup, weekly systemfiles backup and weekly image creating of my system partition with Acronis – by not having Acronis service running automatically but via batch script opened and closed by Z-Cron). In the background without I have to care for anything.

    Download link and more info here:

  • karen

    How is this (and the other one) different than just using the built-in Windows Task Scheduler?

  • digish

    thanks ashraf.

  • RobCr

    With the world getting over populated, and jobs less available, and less secure (Outsourcing, o/s sourcing, automation, etc), and the financial crisis, we all have to wake up to the fact, that the 1950’s to the 1980’s were the pinnacle of economic wealth, for the general population.
    I can predict that the world will not do what it should – drastically cut the world population.
    So I will be the first to say – IT IS ALL GOING TO BE DOWN HILL FROM HERE, FOR EVER.

    Which gets me to my point, anyone holding his breath for donations, will suffocate.
    What we need is a way for the only groups that are enjoying wealth (the companies), to finance us developers.
    What if some enterprising individual (like yourself), sets up a web page, where developers can host their programs for free download.
    Those wishing to download, have to navigate through a couple of advertisers’ web pages, to qualify to get the download. The advertisers can have a little bit of navigation, and quiz, to ensure that we (freeloaders), have paid attention to their product.
    They will funnel back some money for that visit.
    You keep 10%, and the rest goes to the developer.

    From the Good old days,