How to get paid apps for free in Android [Tip]

paid apps for free androidThe Play Store is filled with all kinds of apps. There are free apps and paid apps. Anyways, you’re always free to choose the apps that you wish to download. The thing is what if you want to get some of the paid apps without spending a single cent? If that’s what you want, then these tips may be able to help you out.

How to get paid apps for free in Android

Tip No.1 – Don’t forget to avail those free app deals from the Amazon AppStore

Yes, that’s right. The Amazon AppStore gives out at least one paid app for free daily! So if you religiously check the app store, you’ll be able to find and download some premium apps for free.

In some instances, the Amazon AppStore might also give out premium app bundles for free. You just need to be quick in availing these deals before they’re gone.

Of course, you also need to download and install the official Amazon app for Android. To install the app, make sure to follow the basic sideloading process for apps in Android.

Tip No.2 – Get free and discounted apps at HungryForApps

If you still haven’t checked out HungryForApps, then it’s about time! It’s actually dotTech’s sister site but it’s mostly focused on bringing you the latest deals and discounts for apps.

Aside from Android apps, the site also features free and discounted apps for iOS and Mac.

So that’s basically it! Of course, there’s also the option of getting an APK version of the paid app but that doesn’t really support the developers and you most likely won’t get any tech support if ever you encounter any app-related issues or problems.

Aside from the methods mentioned above, do you know any good way to download paid apps for free in Android? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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