How to create and print free Sudoku grids online [Tip]

Sudoku is a logic-based puzzle in which you need to arrange the numbers in the sub-grids or boxes from 1 to 9. However, you must also make sure that the numbers per line must only appear once. Most Sodoku puzzles are composed of 3×3 sub-grids so it really requires some serious logic and analytical skills. With that being said, Sudoku is a really popular brain game.

You may be able to play free Sudoku games online but if you want to have the printed version of it (ex. for club and class activities, etc.), just follow the steps listed in this post to get started.

How to create and print free Sudoku grids online

  • Open your web browser of choice. You may use Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.
  • Now, go toPrintMySudoku”. It’s a web site that offers free printable Sudokus.
  • Once you’re on the said site, go to the form provided and then select your preferred number of Sudoku grids. You can choose from 1, 2, 4, 8 and 12.
  • Next, select the level of difficulty for your logic-based puzzle. You can choose to set the difficulty to easy, medium, hard or diabolic.

print free Sudoku puzzles online

  • The rest are optional. You may choose to include solutions as well as add small numbers and rules.
  • Once you’re done, simply click the “Click & Print” button below the form.

print free Sudoku puzzles online b

  • Your new printable Sudoku puzzle will be ready in an instant. It will be provided to you in two formats – 1 Sudoku per page or 2 Sudokus per page. Both formats will be generated as a PDF document.

print free Sudoku puzzles online c

  • So just click the “Print” option under the format that you want and that’s it. You are now ready to print your Sudoku puzzles in a blank sheet of paper.

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