How to customize Microsoft Edge’s new tab page in Windows 10 [Tip]


As Windows 10 is approaching its release day in summer, Microsoft has pushed out new build for testers more frequently. In build 10122 released yesterday, one of some noticeable improvements is the New tab page for Microsoft Edge (formerly Project Spartan).

You can see the new tab page in Edge looks like the one in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. There are a search bar and a row of frequently visited sites. Especially for Edge, its New tab page also shows “suggested content” which is like a MSN page with weather, news, and featured apps from Windows Store.



How to disable the new tab page

In Microsoft Edge, you have an option not to show the New tab page when you open a new tab. Just head to the ellipsis icon at the top right then select Settings. In Settings panel, you’ll see the option “Open new tab with.” In the drop-down menu, select “Blank page” to disable New tab page.



How to disable suggested content in New tab page

Suggested content has your information at a glance: weather, national news, local news, and even featured apps from the Store. Sometimes you don’t want to see this cluster and wish to hide it. To do that, you need to open Settings via the ellipsis icon. Then select “Top sites” in the drop-down menu of “Open new tab with.”

So that’s it. You’re done!


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  1. Arthur Russell

    When I open Edge, it goes to Bing, the page I designated. Then when I click to open another tab, it goes to a useless page. Why can’t all the tabs open in Bing like the rest of them and is there a way to make that happen? Additional tabs in edge are worthless and stupid if you have to do an extra click on your home page symbol every time you open a new tab. We didn’t have to do that in Explorer, so why can’t Microsoft make Edge do the same? There should be more tab options.

  2. thisisfutile

    Agreed. I’ve configured every browser I’ve ever used to open the main page and the tabs to “about:blank”. I was happy when I saw the “Open New Tabs With: A blank page”. Imagine my disappointment when it actually opened to a search box with the taunting message “Where to next?” In my mind, the message reads: “Nya, Nya, I’m not a blank page and now you have to Google search this issue and ultimately find a hack to change it”

  3. Itsjust Penny

    Go to settings, then down to Advanced Settings, and the very first option is to add the Home Page button. It will appear at the top left, beside the refresh. However, a New Tab still will not open to Home Page.

  4. Dmitry

    I can’t disable new tab page using this instruction (see How to disable the new tab page
    After it I get not a blank page on new tab (it contains search bar)
    I can not understand why it is needed to show page with the search bar
    (it is possible to search in address bar, I do not need two places for it! I do not want to see search bar! NEWER!).

  5. justin

    Rich, you do realize there are add-ons to make your home page open when you open in a new tab with Firefox. I am here because I can not find how to do it with this new windows explorer thing or Microsoft edge or whatever it is on windows 10. I tried Firefox and it still works to go to google when I open a new tab and even puts the cursor in the box for me using new tab homepage focus. Someone needs to figure out how to customize this new thing. This seems slower than windows 98 was. I need to go back to Linux mint. I bought this new laptop though and it had window on it and I haven’t put mint on it yet is the only reason I am running it. I really can not stand Winblows.

  6. dan

    Edge does have a home button…. Bloody annoying opening a new tab, then having to click the home button every time so that tab goes where I want it to though – back to firefox for me I guess especially with terrible ad blocker support in edge (eg youtube ads are killin my internet useage – I pre-pay megs expensive in the aussie bush and its getting leeched by damn ads)
    Also by default windows 10 uploads (yes via the internet) windows updates to other users not even on the network!!! I should send Microsoft my next bill if I run over my quota – crap like that makes me think about going back to windows 7

  7. Rich O

    I HATE the way Chrome & Firefox new tabs behave…
    IE, you can start new tabs with your Home Page..
    That is about the only reason I stay with IE.
    Now in Edge/Spartan, you can’t do that!!
    That stinks ! I DONT want a chrome/firefox clone…
    I want my new tabs to open with my home page….
    oh and please Bring back the HOME button..
    The Home button seems to have gone missing in Edge…
    Much like the Start menu went missing in Win 8..
    Deal Breakers……