How to install CWM on Moto G 2014 (Philz Touch) [Guide]

Motorola Moto GClockworkMod recovery will always be the favorite custom recovery out there for many, but others have dropped it down the list in favor of TWRP recovery because of it’s touch-based nature. ClockworkMod have fought back in a way, with a new version known as Philz Touch recovery that does include the touch feature people want. If you want a touch recovery based on CWM recovery, the Philz Touch recovery is for you. Here’s how to install it on the Motorola Moto G smartphone:


  • You need to setup ADB on a Windows PC to use the toolkit in the guide. The Titantools toolkit won’t work unless you have the ADB pre-installed and ready to go. Those of you without any experience with ADB are in luck since we have the ultimate guide for you.
  • You should download the Motorola USB Drivers direct to the same Windows PC you want to use the guide. We recommend bookmarking this post, reboot the Windows PC after installing the Motorola Drivers to get them working. Then load this page once again and complete the guide.
  • Unlock the Developer Options list so you can see it from the Settings menu on your phone. Doing that is easy: Go to Settings > About Device > tap the firmware build number 7 times.
  • Enter the Developer Options to enable USB Debugging> Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.


  1. Download the TitanTools 1.2.1 direct to the computer desktop.
  2. Once you are sure USB Debugging mode is enabled, connect the Motorola Moto G to the same Windows PC as the toolkit and ADB.
  3. Click the link for the Titantools toolkit and you’ll get some instructions popping up. Follow them to complete the installing of your Philz Touch Recovery.
  4. Now that you have the touch recovery installed, there are no limits as to what you can achieve. Flashing a custom ROM is a cinch! You can also visit google Play for some root-only apps. Moreover, you can load the same toolkit if you want to flash the stock Android ROM again, install BusyBox and much more.

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