How to quickly reply to messages on Apple Watch [Tip]

Apple WatchThe Apple Watch isn’t without it’s critics for not being all that useful, but one thing even the critics can’t deny is that it makes interacting with messages far more efficient. Today I’ll teach you how to quickly reply to messages on Apple Watch so you can be even more efficient with your new smartphone. Here’s how to do that:


You’ll need to have the iPhone that works along with your Apple Watch. Remember not all iPhone’s are compatible with the Apple Watch; therefore, you’ll need to work that out before shopping. The new the iPhone the more likely it is compatible.


1. Launch the official Apple Watch application from the iPhone of your choice.

2. Navigate to the ‘Messages,’ followed by ‘Default Replies.’

3. Tap your finger over any one of the default suggestions and begin entering your own text message reply.

4. Tap over each default option and enter your own text that you usually use.

Great! Now you have your own bunch of quick replies you can send to people that uses some of your common language. Now I’ll show you how to use those phrases for a quick reply:

5. Wait for someone to send you a text message.

6. View that message via the Apple Watch on your wrist and tap the reply button.

7. Tap the customized quick reply option from the next screen, now pluck the phrase you wish to use and hit send.

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